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game equipment consisting of a heavy table on which pool is played

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uk) A leading independent live music venue and pub, it has pool tables and a large beer garden.
com)-- Olhausen pool tables went mobile at the 59th Annual Over The Line (OTL) Tournament on Fiesta Island to the delight of players and fans.
Rix beat Al Badia Golf Club manager James Shippey in a charity match at the club's Trents Bar - on a pool table donated by 7DAYS.
OWNED by Elvis and used by Ringo - one of the world's most valuable pool tables is now heading for Liverpool.
We believe it is the most valuable pool table in the world and challenge anyone to tell us otherwise
It took five men to get it in here," the owner confided, which should have alerted us to the fact that a pool table is not just for Christmas, it's most definitely for life.
When the first pool tables were developed in the 1600s, they had fiat vertical walls on each side to keep the balls from rolling off the tables.
However, the prize, I am delighted to say, goes to DEGW's Egg call centre in Derby with the magnificent total of about 42 human beings, most rather small but en masse entirely preferable to pool tables, swings, and turf.
A PUB landlord who could not fit a pool table in his pint-sized pub has come up with a novel solution - a round table.
But now the pool table specially made for the 1999 Stanley Kubrick movie Eyes Wide Shut sits in one of Birmingham's newest hotels.
A STRIPPER who falsely claimed she was raped on a pub pool table was jailed for three months yesterday for trying to pervert justice.
The honours were split in both darts and dominoes with Dave Hillyer and Daz Coles winning for Swozs and Jeff Watts and Steve Grant replying which meant the match had to be decided on the pool table.
I took the pool table as I only had it on loan for all that time and had to return it.