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someone who shoots pool

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McNamara was competing against full-time pool players from around the world.
I'm a surprisingly good pool player, so if you ever see me in a pool hall .
Snooker Legends, at Venue Cymru on June 12, will also feature John Virgo, who will compere the show as well as showing off some of his famous trick shots, and Michaela Tabb, the former pool player who became the first woman to referee the World Championship final.
com - have been revealed today, as the quest begins to find the hottest pool player in the GCC.
Knowing principles of physics alone won't make you a great pool player, says David "Dr.
And the gamble is paying off with the teen ace lifting the trophy for world best under-16 pool player.
An avid pool player in his youth, Mr Boora said he came up with the idea of advertising on pool balls ten years ago, but it wasn't until he was made redundant that the idea came to fruition.
Kerrigan has been encased in a hyper-feminized, goody-two-shoes image while Harding, the white-trash pool player from a trailer park, has been cast as something between a female impersonator and a slut.
A pool player as well as a golfer, Lee one day tried rolling both a golf ball and a billiard ball across a pool table.
Steve Woodier, centre, with Sue Lill from the Butterwick and pool player Fred Chapman in 2003
Southport Pool player The World Championships are being held in Blackpool from June 19-25 at the Imperial Hotel, where Mark will be handed a week's accomodation.
I feel honored to be invited to play against Efren, the world's greatest pool player ever and I promise to play my best," added Arpilleda.
A TOP Irish international pool player who admitted involvement in an attack on two brothers walked free from court yesterday.
A TOP flight pool player has madehis returnto national tournaments just nine months after receiving treatment for a rare brain tumour.
Any person with two arms and a basic understanding of the rules can be a competitive pool player.