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sports implement consisting of a tapering rod used to strike a cue ball in pool or billiards

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50am on Sunday, October 1, that a man, aged 69 years, had been struck with a pool cue inside the Laburnum pub on Litherland Road.
Warren then began to hit the victim with a pool cue before knifing him in the back, he claimed.
Bilal left, threatening that he was going to get his 'boys' - and five minutes later he returned with Ahmed, who was armed with a pool cue, and Saleem.
Someone in the hotel got angry, and to the surprise of both the security and the hotel workers, he began to hit us with a pool cue.
One attacked a firefighter with a pool cue and broke it off his helmet.
These high quality pool cues will come in multiple design options and can feature individualized custom artwork.
Filip, of Otley Street, Halifax, lashed out with the pool cue after tension boiled over between two rival groups in New Street, Bradford, in December last year.
One of them started hitting me with the pool cue before I fell and grabbed the pool table as they continued their assault.
John Paul Wilkes, 32, was captured on CCTV waving the pool cue around and stumbling into oncoming traffic on the corner of Linthorpe Road and Gresham Road, in Middlesbrough town centre, on July 5.
She stressed to Wolverhampton Crown Court that Oliveri had not been brandishing the pool cue and he had not used it to threaten anyone at the Starting Gate public house.
During this time someone approached Paul, who has cerebral palsy, severe learning difficulties and is wheelchair bound, and stole his beloved pool cue.
CRAFTY Cockney Eric Bristow was a violent teenage thug who burgled dozens of homes, battered a man senseless with a pub pool cue and chairs.
While escaping, Harry needs to hide his private parts with different items, including a pool cue.
A MAN has been jailed over an attack with a pool cue.