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ball used in playing pool

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He didn't have with him a pool ball in one of Christopher Evans' socks by accident; he chose to have it with him.
Mr Campbell said: "He said he had a pool ball in his pocket and that if she told him one more lie he would smash her in the face.
It is Sloots' account that he was hit with a pool ball in a sock.
And after Mr Spirit repeatedly struck him about the head with a pool ball in a sock and threatened to kill him, Parfitt stabbed him five times in the chest in quick succession, the court was told.
The 6-by-6-foot lighted sign, with a yellow background, shows a cartoon dog, a mug of beer, a dartboard, a pool ball, a hamburger, and French fries.
The couple then completed the look with their black and chrome stools with distinctive pool ball numbers, ornaments and pictures.
Cardiff Coroner's Court heard that Karl had earlier been hit with a pool ball in a sock by a fellow clubber but Cardiff coroner Mary Hassell ruled out foul play and recorded a verdict of accidental death.
James Phillips, 17, is alleged to have been carrying a knife and a sock stuffed with a pool ball in Garnock Academy, Kilbirnie, Ayrshire.
Jake Ratcliffe, 22, attacked the victim in his cell with a sock, containing what is thought to be a pool ball, in July last year.
AN Elland man who threw a pool ball during a disturbance at a Halifax pub has been given a suspended prison sentence.
Mind you, the playability certainly compensates and Vandal Hearts was one of those ones that - despite being named by someone who''d been hit by a pool ball in a rugby sock - had more than enough to keep a gamer interested.
A gang of vandals pelted the Church of St Peter and St Paul on Benton Lane, Longbenton, Newcastle, with stones and a pool ball.
Witnesses told how Mr Smith had been involved in a fight outside Angharad's nightclub the night before he was found, and CCTV footage of the incident, in which he was hit with a pool ball, was shown to the court.
A teenager who plunged 35ft to his death after a night out had been hit with a pool ball just minutes earlier.
Hills admitted affray and possessing a pool ball in a knotted sock as an offensive weapon.