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an arrogant or conceited person of importance

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Nanki-Poo is informed by Pooh-Bah, Lord High Everything Else (such as First Lord of the Treasury, Lord Chief Justice, Lord High Admiral, Archbishop of Titipu, and Lord Mayor, "both acting and elect, all rolled into one"), that Yum-Yum will wed Ko-Ko that afternoon.
The PR protectors were not modest about their power: Howard Strickling, the PR pooh-bah of MGM, once responded to an interview request for a superstar by saying, "I can certainly get him to sit down to lunch with you, after all, I kept him out of the slammer last week.
Graham Bryant gives a stunning performance as Pooh-Bah, the Lord High Everything Else, a man of such stature that he was born sneering
Two notes from Stratford: Stratfordupon-Avon Gilbert & Sullivan Society is looking for a Pooh-Bah for its production of The Mikado at the town's Civic Hall fromMarch 11-14.
To absolutely no one's surprise, the culprit turned out to be Stevens, the grand pooh-bah of pork who once earmarked $223 million for the infamous "bridge to nowhere" in his home state.
Concentrating power with one federal regulator would free carriers and brokers from pesky state regulations, but it might also leave them at the mercy of one really tough pooh-bah.
He was like Gilbert and Sullivan's Pooh-Bah who held every important office except public executioner.
In Death of a Pooh-Bah by Karen Sturges, the arrogant Dr.
The Los Angeles Times tried something new last month, only for its new editorial and opinion page pooh-bah, Michael Kinsley, to discover, to his embarrassment and sorrow, what most newspaper reporters already know--you just can't trust the readers.
From his boyhood at Rudolph Steiner and the Little Red School House; to his undergraduate career at Swarthmore College; to Yale Law days and the satire magazine Monocle; to the New York Times and books on the Hollywood witch-hunt and Robert Kennedy's Department of Justice; to his annunciation almost three decades ago as chief pooh-bah of a radical weekly that has lost money ever since the Civil War and his latter-day rustication at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism--Navasky knows everybody.
That usage conveyed that Blough verily was the Supremo--not just an ersatz pooh-bah whose main charge was to create the agenda for the next board session and to serve as a conduit between the board and the guy (or guys) actually running the company.
It did not matter to this grand pooh-bah of the punditocracy that the ads were pure mendacity from start to finish.
In therapy, when the all-knowing pooh-bah is found to be flawed, it will be a constant resistance forever.
Yet another beef-mislabeling scandal, the biggest so far, was revealed when Osaka prefectural police arrested nearly a dozen people late last week on suspicions of fraud, including Mitsuru Asada, the 65-year-old pooh-bah of the meat-processing industry.