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The Poof is also in Patent Pending status within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Poof reclining on the blanket in the meadow on page 2, and Poof sleeping in his bed on page 1), and two panels on page 6 feature extreme close-up views of Poof.
The organisers are hoping the search for Poof Idols will be broadcast as a reality TV show, but there are no plans in the pipeline yet.
My personal highlights of the two week extravaganza included the fabulous - and sell-out -screening of Whatever Happened To Baby Jane at the Phil, Call My Poof at the Unity, and The Lavender Club, even though Ninia Benjamin did make a bit of a show of me.
is a spy spoof with more poof than oomph, even though it relies on a lot of young women in provocative, teasing dress.
And another 15 seconds for Otiss to become just as insulting as poof, nancy, queer, woofter and the rest.
Alex and his gang would push his way over to me and shout: 'f*** queer, poof, faggot'.
When I was growing up, any boy that wasn't kicking a football was a poof or a pansy or a fag," recalls Strathie via phone from Sydney.
Finally there are the Lites, for whom the words gay, queer, poof and homosexual are far too flattering.
Poof product lines offer timeless classics, such as the Original Slinky([R]), table-top games, and wood construction sets.
If the words are not hollow, let's do another poof.
Stifyn Parri, actor, broadcaster, Sws founder: Fatty or poof or fat poof
That event went poof, but at least Davies got the trophy and her winner's check cleared the bank.
If the assimilationists win and gay men and lesbians are drawn into the charmed circle, then homosexuality would cease to be a contentious issue, we'd stop feeling like a beleaguered minority, and -- poof -- there goes the need for a truly separate culture.