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an intelligent dog with a heavy curly solid-colored coat that is usually clipped

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Geoffrey Colin Nessbert, 40, of Caerau Park Crescent, Caerau, Cardiff, was fined pounds 100 and ordered to pay pounds 215 costs for causing unnecessary suffering to a poodle dog.
Vy McKay is partial to the custard pie at the Poodle Dog Restaurant in Fife (922-6161).
where Irene Whitehurst and her poodle dog Chipper live.
REFERRING to Ricky Campbell's letter printed in the Birmingham Mail on August 28, I remember a pram being pushed around with a poodle dog in it, not a cat.
At San Francisco's Old Poodle Dog Restaurant, where this dish is served, it is flamed with hazelnut liqueur to intensify the fragrance; the step is optional here.
Q I have two poodle dogs containing Garnier liqueur.
According to the occipital dysplasia grading classification (PARKER & PARK, 1974b), 4 (26,7%) out of the 15 Toy Poodle dogs did not have a dorsal notch of the foramen magnum, 10 (66,7%) showed grade 1 and one (6,7%) showed grade 3.
The hunt is on to find a good samaritan who found three missing toy Poodle dogs on the side of the road in Shropshire.