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a Russian unit of weight equal to approximately 36 pounds

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In their letter to Comrade Stalin, the crew of the fleet committed themselves to exceeding the target plan for whale oil by 30 thousand poods (14).
In 1916 it should be paid 26 kopecks per wooden sleeper, 8 kopecks per pood of rails and 60 kopecks per barrel of cement (Konovalov 2010).
was, according to Henry, 614,971,989 poods (one pood equals 36.
The Chekhovian works on display include Leshy (The Wood Demon) by Taganrog Honour Awards Drama Theatre; Country Stories by Chekhovian Studio; Five Poods of Love--whose title is taken from Chekhov's description of an early draft of The Seagull; a "pood" is a unit of measure--staged by the Stavropol Academic Drama Theatre; Uncle Vanya by the Nizhniy Novgorod State Academic Drama Theatre; and The Seagull by Minsk's Republican Theatre of Belarusian Dramatic Art.
Yep, you got it right, the POOD grabbed the rail to verify the shock report and also received a shock.
Aware of a lack of integrated scientific analysis, OFID has commissioned this study, Bio-fuels and Pood Security: Implications of an accelerated bio-fuels production, which has been prepared by the renowned International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (1IASA).
Because of cases like these, the Canadian Pood Inspection Agency now rigorously evaluates candidate control agents, scrutinizing mounds of research on any potential "immigrant" with a vigour that would impress a US border guard.