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a hair style that draws the hair back so that it hangs down in back of the head like a pony's tail

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She kept her hair up in a ponytail, and fans noticed that there was never a strand out of place.
Put chin down and secure the low ponytail with an elastic, then wrap a one-inch section of hair around the elastic and pin underneath with a bobby pin.
In addition to the human hair and synthetic hair extensions we offer of all lengths and colors, wigs, and products, we are now carrying ponytail extensions, a larger wig selection, and hair care product bundles.
This was because the lead female character Mitsuha from the movie habitually put her hair up in an elaborate ponytail.
Also known as the crown braid, it is created by plaiting a long ponytail then wrapping around the head and across the front and pinning to the side, creating a wide circle.
Then insert the sock bun at the end of the ponytail and roll the hair up with it until you reach the top of the ponytail.
WRAP one ponytail around its base, forming a small bun.
THE SLEEK PONYTAIL is a classic look perfect for the gym, and also is easily manageable.
Brown's flowing ponytail is in fact so popular that it has spawned its own Twitter feed, @2014ponypower, ABC News reported.
Everyone has an opinion on the newest member of the Jenner family- his ponytail, but Kris' two cents are the only ones we really care about.
FOR a do that looks great but takes little effort, follow Hollyoaks actress Gemma Merna's style, above, and try this sophisticated ponytail.
From the edgy ponytail, loose bun to her pinned- up hair, her fashion run has been terrific so far.
Curl the ponytail around two or three fingers, and pin it to the hair at the nape of your neck with two large bobby pins, one on either side.