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(nautical) a floating structure (as a flat-bottomed boat) that serves as a dock or to support a bridge

a float supporting a seaplane

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The modern-day Pontoon boats were inspired by the traditional idea of floating a platform attaching to logs of wood.
"It is unbelievable after the recent tragedies at Chasewater and elsewhere." Mark Winnington, Staffordshire County Council's cabinet member responsible for Chasewater, said: "We are aware of this pontoon, which belongs to one of the authorised users of the reservoir.
Convener of the environment and housing committee Councillor Jim Thomson, said: "This pontoon is an important step in bringing about the rejuvenation of the River Forth and integrating it into the city again as a key asset.
They succeeded only after several hours."Firefighters managed to catch and anchor both parts of the pontoon on the left bank close to the Jaroveckeacute Rameno river arm," said Zuzana Farkasovaacute from the Fire and Rescue Corps Presidium (HaZZ), as quoted by the TASR newswire.
Any challenges posed by the working environment will be met by the flexibility of the Stan Pontoon 4512 facilitated by a 170-tonne Heila and a 100-tonne Liebherr crane.
Target: PRS build-to-rent development in Pontoon Dock, London
Vesta, a joint venture between Grainger plc, the UK's largest listed residential landlord, and the Local Pensions Partnership, the not-for-profit pension services organisation, has entered into a forward funding agreement with Linkcity (formerly Bouygues Development) to acquire the 154 PRS units within the Pontoon Dock scheme.
Aurecon and Cox Rayner were faced with the challenge not only of achieving flood resilience and accessibility for mobility aid users, but also the delivery of a modern, ambitious and elegant architectural design in a maritime environment that eliminated the traditional array of pontoon guide piles.
Jaguar Land Rover Limited, a subsidiary of Tata Motor Limited (NYSE: TTM), has chosen Pontoon, a company involved in workforce solutions.
All of the other work has been completed and we are now moving onto the installation of the pontoons," said Dundar.
The floating low level pontoon, at Stockton's Preston Park, is designed to provide better access to the river.
A large number of police were called to a pontoon where boats are moored at 5.45pm yesterday after the alarm was raised by security staff.
These pictures show a huge re-enforced concrete pontoon, weighing almost 7000 tonnes, floated out of dry dock at Shepherd Offshore's Neptune Energy Park.
Damen Shipyards has achieved a company milestone with the launch of the first of its newly designed Stan Pontoon (SPo) 12032 series, the longest pontoon ever built by it and part of 34 pontoons it is currently building.