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Synonyms for pontificate

Synonyms for pontificate

administer a pontifical office

talk in a dogmatic and pompous manner

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Finally, two articles will prove suggestive and illuminating for those seeking to understand the pontificate of Pope Francis (293-314, 315-34).
In a way, Pope Benedict XVI, seen as a conservative and traditionalist, still paved the way, not only literally, for reforms that Pope Francis would start to make from the very beginning of his own pontificate.
John Doran explores the Roman context, taking his prompt from the fact that Alexander spent only about thirty-six months in Rome during a pontificate of twenty-one years.
However, from the long view of history, the Francis pontificate could well be the exclamation point on Vatican II--change and reform is the default mode of operation, not a one-time activity.
The comparatively short pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI was not free from storm.
This volume consists of a collection of essays written by leading ecumenists from diverse Christian traditions, who were charged with a basic task: to explore how the personal experience and theological vision of Joseph Ratzinger would influence the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI.
Where others pontificate about doing their bit to save the planet, he is actually trying.
Or will he instead do an Alan Hansen or an Andy Gray and continue to pontificate from the safety of the BBC's television studio?
The latest to pontificate is Paul McCartney, who wants everyone to become vegetarian and for livestock farming to be banned worldwide.
Denmark) describes the crusades against the Slavs initiated by Eugenius III in 1147 which continued to the end of Innocent IV's pontificate in 1254.
An animated movie and a comic book offer kid-friendly biographies of Pope John Paul II, with stories from his boyhood through his pontificate.
It covers the 26 years from 1978 to 2004, almost the entire pontificate of Pope John Paul II.
The Pontificate of Clement VII: History, Politics, Culture.
All these protest groups live in centrally-heated towers and pontificate well out of the firing line.
Certainly some pontificate more than most, but are any such ex cathedra judgments worth the time of day outside of a cathedral?
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