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Synonyms for pontificate

Synonyms for pontificate

administer a pontifical office

talk in a dogmatic and pompous manner

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His years there coincide almost perfectly with the long pontificate of John Paul II.
Most NCR readers I've spoken with seem to take one of two approaches to this young pontificate, both encouraging, one more guarded.
The Pope is 82 and has been healthy during his five-year pontificate.
That pontificate spanned years of Fascism and Sovietbloc Communism in Europe, and the contents of some 30,000 files could reveal the degree of concern at the Holy See for growing persecution of Jews on the continent.
Pope Benedict has authorized opening the Vatican archives for the pontificate of Pope Plus XI (1922-1939).
Crow belongs to one of the church's "new ecclesial movements," the multiplicity of international lay movements that came to prominence during the 20th century, especially during the pontificate of Pope John Paul II.
The pontificate of Clement VII; history, politics, culture.
The fact that 200 world leaders are attending the funeral shows the far-reaching impact the Pope had in his 26-year pontificate.
The world's third-longest pontificate and the life of a truly extraordinary man were coming to an end.
All I ask is for them to be honest enough not to pontificate about the lesser of the three when they advocate for a blanket ban.
The central subject of this book is the development and use of the Villa Mondragone in the countryside of Frascati during the Borghese pontificate in the early seventeenth century.
Overall, this is an inspiring true story, but it does bog down a little, and the Lieutenant General tends to pontificate and preach a hit.
First, when it comes to doctrinal questions, the architects of John Paul II's pontificate miss few opportunities to assert their conservative views.
May I suggest, Madam Albright, that before you go on television before the whole world to pontificate on issues Palestinian, you start by examining the facts and then start to examine your own conscience.
This public humiliation was a rear-guard salvo in the ruthless anti-Modernist campaign that had dominated the previous pontificate of Plus X.
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