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a member of the highest council of priests in ancient Rome

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Pontifex prepares students to pass the test laid down for artists by Pope Benedict XVI: "It is precisely the test of true creativity that the artist steps out of the esoteric circle and knows how to form his or her intuition in such a way that the others—the many—may perceive what the artist has perceived.
The Romanus Pontifex was based on a convoluted and highly adaptive web of precedents, building on the legal reasoning and diplomatic practices that emerged over several centuries in response to the expanding trade with the Muslim world, the Crusades, and the Iberian Reconquest.
The father, Thomas Butler in life and Theobald Pontifex in the book, stands accused (and of course convicted) of many odious sins.
He has added references to imperial sculpture (Augustus as general, but not as pontifex maximus or as heroic nude, and none about later emperors) and architecture (Augustus' mausoleum, but not the Ara Pacis).
Thus, Callistus (bishop in Rome who, although by no means a pope as bishop, has appropriated authority over other bishops as episcopus episcoporum) is seen by Tertullian as behaving like a pagan Pontifex Maximus.
In the flat below lives a 72-year-old woman called Jane Pontifex.
As if my lowly mollusk could wear so exalted a mantle as her pontifex pallium.
In the style of Ammann's six bridges-the George Washington, Bayonne, Triborough, Whitestone, Throgs Neck, and Verrazano--Rastoffer's account of the 20th century's pontifex maximus is spare and clean, free of superfluous detail.
Pontiff, of course, is the anglicization of the Latin Pontifex Maximus, the title adopted by the self-deified Roman emperors and subsequently appropriated by a long succession of leaders (popes, "Holy Fathers") of the Roman Catholic church to mean the "bridge between heaven and earth.
Water and engineering were integral to Roman culture: the chief priest(4) was called Pontifex Maximus, greatest bridge builder, the man who made links over water.
Add to this a stiff and mechanical style of writing, and so many repetitions and redundant re-phrasings of the same points that could even irritate the Pontifex Maximus, and you end up with a book that has nothing new to offer to a debate that has been going on for so long without any apparent progress and resolution that the best strategy would simply be to let it die in peace.
Next, that Mary is a true pontifex maximus, for her symbol functions as a bridge (pons) between diverse cultures and traditions, linking Judaism and Christianity, Christianity and Islam (Maryam as the most important female figure in the Qur'an), Eastern and Latin Christianity, rich and poor, and different races (Guadalupe, the Black Madonnas).
hic ius pontificale quibusdam videtur subtiliter tangere: domus enim, in qua pontifex habitat, regia dicitur, quod in ea rex sacrificulus habitare consuesset, sicut flaminia domus, in qua flamen habitat, dicebatur: quod hic ostendit ex persona Evandri, quem facit orantem ut Aeneas suam ingrederetur domum, non utique profanam, sed sacratam, scilicet quae fuerit hospitium Herculis, illis versibus `haec, inquit, limina victor Alcides subiit, haec illum regia cepit'.
According to Roman antiquarians, two high priests officiated at the confarreatio, the Pontifex Maximus and the Flumen Dialis (Serv.
The Pontifex family's progenitor is John, a carpenter, whose son George is an authoritarian publisher.