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Synonyms for poniard

a dagger with a slender blade


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stab with a poniard

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I do not know," said Don Quixote; "it could not have been by that poniard maker, however, because Ramon de Hoces was a man of yesterday, and the affair of Roncesvalles, where this mishap occurred, was long ago; but the question is of no great importance, nor does it affect or make any alteration in the truth or substance of the story.
T was my last request of thee, When my soul hath left the body, And that lying dead I be, With thy poniard or thy dagger Cut the heart from out my breast, And bear it to Belerma.
Then Milady attempted to tear down the doorcase, with a strength apparently above that of a woman; but finding she could not accomplish this, she in her fury stabbed at the door with her poniard, the point of which repeatedly glittered through the wood.
my father fell on one knee, and at the same moment twenty hands were thrust forth, armed with sabres, pistols, and poniards -- twenty blows were instantaneously directed against one man, and my father disappeared in a whirlwind of fire and smoke kindled by these demons, and which seemed like hell itself opening beneath his feet.
We shall take to ourselves the poniards and the rope," replied the duke.
He served as chief financial officer of several other life sciences companies, including Fibrocell Science, Celsion Corp, Poniard Pharmaceuticals, and Sirna Therapeutics.
Whereas Tamora wants to kill Lavinia with a poniard, her sons seek to rob her of the very thing she holds over the empress--her chastity--in as horrific a fashion as possible:
The man vowed to take revenge, a project he shared with his wife shortly before revealing to her that "he never could take an Adulteress to his Arms; and therefore, closely embracing her, plunged a poniard to the Heart of the unhappy Creature: Thus, says he, I exert the Right of a Husband.
Most recently, Martell as served as chief executive officer at Sevion Therapeutics, NeurogesX as well as Poniard Pharmaceuticals.
93) By extension, when Margaret beholds "the pale corse of [her] poor bleeding child," then draws "a poniard forth, and plung[es] it in [Warwick's] heart," audiences interpret her not as a "base / bloodthirsty, cruel" and "savage" amazon, but rather, like Yates herself, as a relentlessly loyal and "desp'rate mother" who, having been deprived of a husband, must herself venture into the public sphere and transgress sexual boundaries for the sake of her "little innocents.
Previous to NeurogesX, Martell was the CEO of Poniard Pharmaceuticals.
LORY MEAGHER CUP CHAMPION 15: T Goulding, E Gleeson, P Duggan, D Kennedy, S Hennessey (Warwickshire), E Daly, C Egan, J O'Brien, E Donnellan (all Longford), M Poniard, V McDermott, C Cunniffe (all Leitrim), J Duffy, K Kehoe, E Mahon (all Fermanagh).
Yet this poniard is actually the evidence of a crime that another character, Father Schedoni, has committed; since Vivaldi is not in danger, his dream is not strictly monitory.
Dickson is internationally recognized for his leadership in the fields of liver disease and liver transplantation, and has served as a director of Poniard Pharmaceuticals, Axcan Pharma Inc.