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To me, these are Christmas sentiments worth pondering.
We can identify here three stages of prayer: the pondering on the word of God, the dialogue with God in prayer, and the willingness to do God's will.
And whether I want to or not, I am pondering them in the centre of my being: "For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
QUETTA -- Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and other leading political parties have started pondering over names for next chief minister of Balochistan.
70 an ounce on Wednesday as concerns over the eurozone debt crisis deepened, and after minutes to the Federal Reserve's June meeting suggested some members were pondering the need for additional monetary easing.
Harb told a local radio station that his colleagues in the March 14 coalition were pondering the idea of mass resignations if this would lead
Too often, instead of standing back and pondering on a problem, there is either a knee-jerk reaction or the need to "be seen to be doing something", pushing out rational thought.
Offering research and ideas about potential scientific evidence that there is something after, Stephen Hawley Martin offers readers something else to think about when pondering the great beyond.
Looking at the importance of the terminally ill, the vegetables, and the push for legalized euthanasia against the willingness to let easily preventable diseases take otherwise healthy children, it offers much food for thought for readers in pondering how much value they put on life themselves.
To help you along, "The Thread of Ariadne: The Sword of Consciousness" places out some big questions and gives you many thought provoking and intriguing answers to all of them, then challenges you to answer them yourself- while pondering the hidden riddle among it out, to challenge your mind with a more difficult question than it could handle--just to push it to it's limits.