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Synonyms for pompous

Synonyms for pompous

characterized by an exaggerated show of dignity or self-importance

Synonyms for pompous

puffed up with vanity

characterized by pomp and ceremony and stately display


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The campaign features a 36-second version of the Pompous Albert video as well as additional cuts that will be featured on Honda social media channels including Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and will be accompanied by a variety of gifs and memes.
However, from the words of the President it is not clear whether his comments regard pompous celebrations and luxurious
When it was revealed in the summer that Hansen was paid PS40,000 a show, and was staying with Match of the Day after agreeing to a PS500,000 wage decrease, Gold weighed in on Twitter: "I see one of the worst and most pompous pundits on BBC has taken a big pay cut.
Whitehead uses a small town called Winthrop and a pompous lead character to remind contemporaries of the ridiculous lengths to which our culture will go to protect tradition, names and titles that are meaningless.
Some pompous prat once called the US Senate the 'the World's Greatest Debating Chamber'.
proving that the greatest threat to marriage is in fact pompous, hypocritical, heterosexual men who can't keep their dicks to themselves even as they become octogenarians.
Hypohypothesis is a unique novel deftly written by Heather Folsom, who draws upon her expertise and experience as a practicing psychiatrist to integrate an original theory of the human mind into an engaging tale of a rather pompous professor of psychiatry and a brilliant but erratic student who are thrust together due to circumstances beyond their immediate control.
He was a delightful companion, witty and warm, never pompous, speaking in strangely old-fashioned English with quite strong Swedish inflection (though he always retained British citizenship).
His obvious command of the facts and copious documentation are often overshadowed by his pompous tone, overuse of certain stock words and phrases, and blatant hostility to Christianity.
And unlike a lot of the pompous asses he kicks in this book, I admire his tenacity.
I AM a Nicholas Godfrey fan, but his pompous remarks on hunt supporters in the Commons are too wide of the mark to go unchallenged.
That's a far cry from the caricature of the pompous, arrogant CEO we see so often these days.
But when prissy and pompous Victor Melling (Michael Caine) puts Hart through beauty camp, the transformation is a sight for sore eyes and something of an eye-opener for fellow agent Matthews (Benjamin Bratt).
Agricola is more formal than the Italians, but hardly pompous or stiff; if the Italians consider "a letter as half of a conversation by creating a colloquial style.
As Classic FM presenter Stephen Fry puts it in his characteristically colourful way: "From Adagio to Zipoli, by way of Intermezzo and Tavener, this perfect little book takes all the mystique out of classical music, pulling off the trick of being neither pompous nor patronising".