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a disparaging term for a British person

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Aviko France, whose parent company's production exceeds 600,000 tons annually, sells nine references of fries and 19 garnishes in France under the Pommy brand name in freezer centers and other outlets.
Pommy, who was Asad XI's most consistent bowler in the tournament, took 12 wickets including a hat-trick from his six overs, giving away just 12 runs from the whole tournament was declared as the man of the tournament .
She is nostalgic: of a passage in Kerouac's Desolation Angels she writes, "I hate Jack's woman-hatred, hate it, mourn it, understand, and finally forgive." She can't hear Janine Pommy Vega, who had a long relationship with Peter Orlovsky, Ginsberg's lover: "Peter's letters came....
Pommy offers Pommes sautees en rondelles, slices to heat in oil in a pan, priced at 9.80 francs a one-kilogram bag.
AUSTRALIA cricket captain Michael Clarke's roots are more English than your average fair dinkum Pommy.
In loving memory of Brian (Pommy), died one year ago today, most loving brother to Vivian, brotherinlaw Bobby, also a loving uncle of all the family.
At the beginning it was all about the mare coming over to kick some Pommy butt, to prove herself the best in the world above Frankel, and for us to have Bondi sand kicked in our seven-stone-weakling faces by a host of permatanned, grinning Bruces and Sheilas.
They are left to mature for a week and then tipped into a 'scratcher' which crushes them into a pulp called, pomace or pommy
To get involved with the locals I joined a Surf Life Saving club and was told I was the first "pommy" they had enrolled.
Nevertheless the Dirty Diggers have managed to bring the occasional smile to the lips of our Pommy babes.
PRINCE Charles let loose a royal oath yesterday when he confessed he had been called a "Pommy b***" while a teenager in Australia.
A unit of Cabeco-Handelsraad, it serves both retail and foodservice accounts with branded (Aviko and Pommy) and private label items.
For Moody, in particular, this has been a humbling experience.Hecameheretalkingof wantingto"smackabitof Pommy butt",butinsteaddiscoveredthatthe Pommiesand Aussieswere,most unusually, unitedinasporting endeavour.
Andrew Strauss's side has been a cut above the glamorous Pommy outfits seen in the 1980s, an era whose failings were hidden by the emergence of a handful of gifted players."
THE term Pommy for a British person is commonly used by Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans, and is of ten shortened to Pom.