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Synonyms for pommel

a handgrip that a gymnast uses when performing exercises on a pommel horse

handgrip formed by the raised front part of a saddle

an ornament in the shape of a ball on the hilt of a sword or dagger

strike, usually with the fist


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He said: "It was tremendous to beat older gymnasts on pommels and parallel bars for the first time.
Joe Fraser, 14, who attends Sandwell Sports Academy, was crowned the U16 English apparatus champion on the pommel horse with a massive score of 13.833 and on the rings with a score of 13.767 after a con-fident performance at the Europa Gymnastics Centre in Kent.
Korben Fellows, from Christchurch Primary School, became the U12 champion on the pommel horse and rings.
Joe Fraser, who was not able to compete all apparatus due to breaking his thumb on the second day of competition, became under 16 British champion on the pommel horse and parallel bars, which was a superb achievement.
The identification of this source is also the key to understanding the wider art-historical context of the sword and the pommels of others that relate to it.
They were commonly worn as hat badges and set into sword pommels, at a time when the sword was just starting to become a standard dress item among fashionable Renaissance gentlemen.
Many of the surviving examples of the work of perhaps the foremost of plaquette artists, the Master 'IO.F.F.', are sword pommels (Fig.
1500, (31) and maybe extended even further by taking account both of the use of fine filigree decoration (otherwise rare in the extreme on European edged weapons) on the Bargello and Bardini pommels and on cinquedeas more widely, (32) and the repeatedly observed transference of complete scenes in relief from bronze plaquettes onto the moulded and tooled leather of cinquedea scabbards.
(2) Disassociated pommels of this type, found in collections of fiat reliefs, are sometimes described as 'sword or dagger caps' in the bronze and plaquette literature; see, for example, Christopher B.
(21) For the uses for plaquettes, especially as sword pommels, and for discussion of t he Master IO.F.F.
A883, have pommels of a remarkably similar form to that of Wallace Collection inv.
This elegant little weapon, with its unusual pommel set with tiny classical figures in relief, embodies perfectly the idea that a sword was considered a work of art as well as a weapon.
He still top scored on pommels with a very strong performance, scoring 11.9 Clinton Purnell achieved individual gold showing his depth of artistic talent, strength and precision.