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deep-bodied sooty-black pelagic spiny-finned fish of the northern Atlantic and northern Pacific

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black pomfret: [L.sub.t] = 341.17 x (1 - [e.sup.-0.3157(t+1.7045)]) T[W.sub.t] = 1405.78 x [(1 - [e.sup.-0.3157{t+1.7045))].sup.2.9611]
The [t.sub.r] of black pomfret and frigate tuna are 1.67 and 2.00 years, respectively (Figs.
The fishing mortality F of the black pomfret was much higher than that of the frigate tuna, and the exploitation ratio E of the black pomfret was more than 0.5, indicating that the black pomfret was exploited in the Taiwan Strait.
About 16.87% (black pomfret) and 19.65% (frigate tuna) landed from the lighting purse seine fisheries were lower than the minimum mature fork length, indicating that a large number of juvenile and young fishes died due to being caught.
Compared with the population structure of the black pomfret and the frigate tuna studied in the Taiwan Strait in the past years (Lu & Yan, 1985; Lu et al., 1991), the maximum and mean fork length, body weight and age of the two fishes decreased, the populations were younger in age and smaller in size (Table 1).
For black pomfret in the Taiwan Strait, F was at a high level, and E was over 0.5 (Table 2), and 16.87% of the catches were smaller than the minimum mature fork length, which indicated that the stock of black pomfret in this area was overexploited and the fishing gear was irrational.