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Synonyms for polyvalent

containing several antibodies each capable of counteracting a specific antigen

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having more than one valence, or having a valence of 3 or higher

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On the other hand I find it hard to imagine a poet sitting down deliberately to manipulate such a range of references, as Forrest-Thomson would propose; my guess is that the epigraph came into Prynne's mind and was then recognized as singularly (that is polyvalently) apt.
Behind Borges there lies Poe, unavoidable precursor and fabular master; and yet, in our epoch of the rapid expansion, transformation and diffusion of knowledge, the most significant contribution of Edgar Allan Poe may yet prove to be less the disintegrative vibration than the dynamic of intertextuality that he, polyvalently and triumphantly, shares with Jorge Luis Borges.
They can now be understood and interpreted in a variety of ways and at a diversity of levels; and "a really complex text [can] be seen as performing polyvalently, [and engaging in] all manner of cunning games as it moves from one level to another".