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Synonyms for polyurethan

any of various polymers containing the urethane radical

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Manufacturer of polyurethane and rubber and polyurethan wear parts, including solid tires and bucket cutting edges.
A harder polyurethan wheel or one that is constructed from a non-marking polymer compound might be the right choice.
Then we sealed the entire inside of the house with two coats of polyurethan sealant.
Tenders are invited for 2X2 Individual Full Backrest Deluxe Fixed Passenger Seat Made Of Tubular Ms Pipe 25 Mm Frame,Cushion And Backrest Upholstered By Polyurethan Moulded Foam,Covered By Leather Finish Rexine With Frp Back Cover,Passage Side Single Folding Armrest Fitted And Equipped With Bottle Holder,Manazine Pouch,Seat Number And Grab Handle,Size Of Seat 15 And Height 27 For Ng Coaches With Fitment.
Some other volatile liquids such as cyclo-pentane and hexane are tested and used in the industry for foaming of polyurethan e.