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a word of more than three syllables

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The proportion of polysyllables on position 10 in All's Well is 4.
Seeing this, we might adopt an actual Coleridgean neologism used earlier in this study, and say of the Rime that it is (to compound polysyllable with paradox) a tautegorical allobiography par excellence: throughout, that is to say, the sign and what it signifies are of one being with each other, co-inherent, both of them alive; life is indeed the defining quality of both.
English operates in a different manner than Italian, in that stress timing in speech is not regular, but stress patterns in polysyllables, although irregular, are fixed.
When this poem was recited to me, the performer introduced Dickensian pauses before each displaced rhyme, the better to display the ill-fitting polysyllable, and so to allow the real syllable silently to snap into place:
1) The possibility of disinspiritment of country is real (my word processor objects to the polysyllable with the angry, red underlining of Word Me 2000).
It occurs, in the Rime and in the Divine Comedy as in the work of Dante's contemporaries, in the great majority of word combinations where an initial vowel (or h) is preceded either (1) by a polysyllable with a final accented falling diphthong (an accented followed by an unaccented vowel: -ai, -ea) or with a final accented vowel (either short, as in virtu, or long as in finii, or an elided falling diphthong, as in cantere'); or (2) by any monosyllable ending in a vowel except di (3) (conjunction), the definite article, the proclitic pronouns (lo, la, li, le, mi, ti, si, ci, vi, ne), and the negative no.
He makes his keywords do much more work than careful analysis of what he is saying should allow, with too many assertions and too little careful analysis of what his rapidly flowing polysyllables might mean; too many claims about grammar school education "decontextualizing" the historical particularity of unspecified examples; too frequent references to anonymous "scholars" who now all assume something.
The 88 pseudoabbreviations contained in the corpus are prosodically controlled: monosyllables for syllable weight; polysyllables for syllable type of initial syllable and syllabic extension (number of syllables).
The adagio rhythm is determined by a plain syntax in which enumerations and polysyllables naturally become salient and elicit a sense of "elongation" and almost "slow relaxation".
1291, where SRPC refers to the square root of the number of polysyllables (words with three or more syllables).
The truism is said in very inflated rhetoric, polysyllables and so on.
Gulliver also goes to the "School of Languages", where he encounters projects that attempt to "shorten discourse by cutting Polysyllables into one [.
We are reminded of the School of Languages in Swift's Gulliver's Travels (1726), working busily to "shorten Discourse by cutting Polysyllables into one, and leaving out Verbs and Participles; because in reality all things imaginable are but Nouns" (177).
Her conversation, "a mellifluous flow of polysyllables," as Kreymborg would later describe it, "which held every man in awe," charmed Stieglitz, who took her to the back room to see the Picassos, Picabias, Marins, and Hartleys, and invited her to come again (Kreymborg 238).
It was necessary to use polysyllables, and plenty of them; and where to find rhymes for such words as "tyranny," "freedom," and "justice," when you had less than two years' acquaintance with English