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Synonyms for polysemy

the ambiguity of an individual word or phrase that can be used (in different contexts) to express two or more different meanings

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This is relevant in itself but also because further research on conversion between other word--classes may disclose areas where figurative extension of meaning turns out to be more important than it has been considered so far and may lead to reassess the value of polysemy when it is related to word--class change in conversion.
The benefits of the weakly supervised E2LSH for overcoming the problem of synonymy and polysemy of visual words are firstly illuminated by Fig.
In Croatian literature such detailed investigations can be found in Saric (2008), Kerovec (2012) and Matovac (2013) (2) and involve the description of polysemy networks of prepositions as well as schemas that unify their various meanings.
Polysemy, even the simultaneous implication of near opposites, recurred throughout Smith's exhibition.
1890) as a parallel means of negotiating contact and conflict by an artist who was witnessing first-hand encounters of startling newness, and resolving this in subtle pictures of dense polysemy.
Polysemy denotes the number of meanings a word may have (Graesser et al.
Metaprofit therefore means "going beyond profit," but in a felicitous polysemy it can also connote "what comes with profit.
Other topics include measuring the effects of advertising polysemy on branding, combining Agile development and offshoring in global software projects, international joint venture ownership structures, cultural dimensions of disruptive innovation, and a comparison of customer relationship management (CRM) products.
As a result, systematic polysemy is treated in a rather ad hoc way in WordNet, compensating for missing orthogonal relations either by enumerating meanings as if disconnected, or by introducing problematic multiple inheritance.
But this polysemy is also one of the main shortcomings of the compendium, as in some cases utopia is used in such a broad way that it becomes almost impossible to discern what the criterion was behind the inclusion of a text--the most striking example is Ian Clayton's text on a weekday afternoon of his grandparents.
In chapter four the author offers his own analysis of the work of the rock group U2, arguing that it accomplishes the sort of ontological polysemy that Heidegger's late thought sought to bring about.
Naas's thesis is that 'Plato's Pharmacy' is above all a critique of metaphysics, a text that enables Derrida 'both to argue for a new hermeneutics and conception of meaning, dissemination rather than polysemy, and display a new practice of reading and writing in line with that hermeneutics' (46).
If Epstein had included a more thorough reflection on the style and special language of the Wake, followed by analysis of the poetic polysemy of the text, his book would have gained immensely.
If you need a fancy term for multiple meanings of a word, it's polysemy.
This way the law reduces the use of polysemy making only one meaning appear clearly, the meaning of the law.