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"An Ecological Study of the Polypody Fern Polypodium Polypodioides as an Epiphyte in Mississippi." Ecology 6.1 (1925): 17-38.
Polypody is indestructible and is as at home behind a wheelie bin in a city as in a rural wood.
Although it is not much taller than the polypody, it creates a much more architectural effect.
Therefore considered plats species one can classified in three group depending who far (approximate in m) from soil the leaves are placed: 1) 3m and above (maple, small-leaved lime), 2) 1-1.5m (common polypody, stinging nettle) and 3) 0.5m or close to the soil (strawberry, ribwort plantain).
On drier but partly-shaded upper cliff ledges is rock polypody (Polypodium virginianum).
Certain specialized plants, including pink lady's slipper orchids, downy rattlesnake plantain, and polypody ferns, survive well in these conditions.
The prominent Elizabethan herbalist John Gerard noted in his 1633 Herbal, or General History of Plants that Dioscorides described the fern polypody as having the "power to purge and to draw forth choler and flegme," and that it was "very good for members out of joint, and for chaps betweene the fingers." Gerard also reported that in the region around the Rhine River, the root of polypody was considered a remedy for arthritis.
Gerard also reported that in the Rhine River region, the root of polypody was considered a remedy for arthritis: "In this kinde of disease the hands, the feet, and the joints of the knees and elbowes do swell.
On top of many of these blocks grow mats of an uncommon fern, common polypody. Thoreau prized these "fresh and cheerful communities," and, being one of four evergreen species of ferns in New York, they can enrich your day in any season.
The final families treated are Polypodiaceae (polypody family), Pteridaceae (maidenhair fern family), Thelypteridaceae (marsh fern family), and Vittariaceae (shoestring fern family).
Family Name (Latin and Common): Polypodiaceae, the Polypody family
But for sheer value during the winter months when most herbaceous plants are tucked away under the soil, the bright green leaves of the polypody, particularly Polypodium australe, are a daily joy.
Herbaceous plants Woolly yarrow (Achillea tomentosa) Artemisia* Jupiter's beard, red valerian (Centranthus ruber) Costmary (Chrysanthemum balsamita) Shooting star (Dodecatheon) Coastal or California wood fern (Dryopteris arguta) Dudleya Wild buckwheat (Eriogonum) Hellebore (Helleborus foetidus) Coral bells (Heuchera) Iris douglasiana Leather polypody (Polypodium scouleri) Butcher's broom (Ruscus) Vancouveria California fuchsia (Zauschneria californica) * types that need no summer water
Ond dyma fynd yn fy mlaen ar hyd y llwybr drwy'r goedwig, ochr yn ochr ag Afon Cefni a rhyfeddu at faint o'r llawredynen gyffredin (Polypodium vulgare; polypody) yn gymysg a mieri oedd yn tyfu ar lawr y goedwig.