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of or relating to or characterized by polyphony


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First, no matter their background or (ethnic / sub-national) heritage, African-Canadian writers tend to reflect a multicultural temperament and a polyphonous consciousness.
T]he music's polyphonous and hybrid form signals the effectiveness of harmonies which both acknowledge and celebrate differences of viewpoint, producing what might be called reconciling harmonies that rely on a sympathetic discordance of voices and sound.
First of all, the polyphonous scope is largely reduced to Beth's voice and her personality given more resilience and stamina, since "[t]he scriptwriter Riwia Brown considered that Beth Heke was [the novel's] focal point and restructured the movie accordingly" (De Souza 2007: 16).
Hauser (2007) further suggests that citizens engage in dialogue about relevant issues in everyday exchanges that "constitute a vernacular rhetoric of sorts, an everyday form of deliberation among ordinary citizens who engage in polyphonous conversation on issues that intersect with their lives" (p.
Moreover, Todd's polyphonous structure calls attention to the multiple versions of history and truth.
In the polyphonous echo chamber of S/Z, the voice becomes a somatic zone of inter-sexual synesthesia.
Susan Ackerman (2005) has recently read the Epic from the point of view of liminality, and Neal Walls (2001: 9-92) from that of queer studies, revealing its polyphonous discourse of desire that transcends traditional erotic categories.
For Chude-Sokei, Williams's performance is plural, polyphonous, multifaceted, complex, heteroglot, "trigonometric," even fractal--with literally infinite meanings and possibilities--yet we cannot "hear the full implications of Williams's voice" nor appreciate its polyphony because Chude-Sokei does not take the time to analyze Williams's minstrelsy thoroughly (241).
As we analyze fictional production in Shakespeare and Ruzante--the most complex and polyphonous early modern Italian playwright--we can begin to glimpse structural patterns, theatergrams of poverty that might be homologically explained by the unfortunate supranational parity shared by the itinerant beggars affected by the pan-European economic crisis of the sixteenth century.
Most people will be familiar with the intricate polyphonous music from Bach's fifth Brandenberg, which includes a long, breakaway harpsichord solo in the first movement.
It was absolutely exhilarating to be in the midst of this polyphonous cacophony.
It is the poetic output that Gruesz zeroes in on, poems in Spanish and English and works in translation--a polyphonous dynamic she says reveals "transamerican thinking" (xiii).
Smollett's book is itself polyphonous and noisy; this is its very nature as an epistolary, dialogic novel, in which the authorial tone alternates between the fascistically facetious and the mirthfully liberal.
We then learn about his death from several perspectives when the tragic news reaches the circle of his intimates back in England, and at this point in the novel Woolf offers a thirteen-page elegy to Percival in a polyphonous, counterpoint trio, comprising Neville, Bernard, and Rhoda's voices.
By the end of the evening, the diners from diverse walks of life have engaged and have brought their own peculiar perspectives to bear on increasingly complex conversations, resulting in a polyphonous discourse unimagined hours earlier.