polyostotic fibrous dysplasia

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Synonyms for polyostotic fibrous dysplasia

fibrous dysplasia of bone affecting multiple bones

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Given the constellation of findings of gonadotropin independent precocious puberty, mild hyperthyroidism, cafe-au-lait macules and the appearance of polyostotic fibrous dysplasia, a clinical diagnosis of MAS was made.
The proper management of polyostotic fibrous dysplasia varies, depending on the onset, severity, and location of the disorder.
Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia is a disorder in which multiple areas of bone are replaced by fibrous tissue which may cause fractures and deformity of the legs, arms, and skull.
Craniofacial polyostotic fibrous dysplasia: a case report and review of the literature.
On the basis of X-ray and biopsy findings, diagnosis of polyostotic fibrous dysplasia of right upper and lower limb was made.
Zoledronate Therapy for the Pathological Humeral Fracture in Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia: A Case Report.
Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia or McCune Albright syndrome when associated with skin hyperpigmentation and endocrine dysfunction is another condition associated with elevated FGF23 concentrations.
When more bones are affected it is termed polyostotic fibrous dysplasia," says Dr Rajeev Thukral, orthopaedician, Max Healthcare.