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a stretch of open water surrounded by ice (especially in Arctic seas)

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In the case of a polynya, water that is warmer than sea ice comes in contact with the ice, transfers some of its heat and consequently melts some of the ice.
Previous studies have revealed that a large number of tagged beluga whales actually overwinter in the North Water polynya (northwest Baffin Bay and Smith Sound) (Richard et al.
Now, however, a study led by researchers from McGill University suggests a new explanation: The 1970s polynya may have been the last gasp of what was previously a more common feature of the Southern Ocean, and which is now suppressed due to the effects of climate change on ocean salinity.
Criscitiello is exploring the relationship between the two phenomena, as well as another factor that may be playing an important role: polynyas.
Refugium, Lancaster Sound/North Water Polynya, Disko Bay/Store Hellefiskebanke
A polynya is an area of open water surrounded by sea ice.
Influence of chemical and biological factors on trophic transfer of persistent organic pollutants in the northwater polynya marine food web.
She reconstructed the probable effect of changing sea ice conditions and polynya formation on subsistence and settlement decisions (Henshaw 2000:97).
Their destination was a sizable region, called a polynya, of open water and thin ice that had appeared in the ice-bound waters near the toe of the Mertz Glacier off the Antarctic coast.
Surrounding the cape is a polynya, an area of open water in the ice.
On entering the water, both PTT-bearing penguins swam northwards for [approximately equals] 40 km and then remained in a polynya [approximately equals] 90-110 km northeast of Auster until at least mid-July, when both PTTs failed.
In all three years, we observed a group of 6-12 Ross's Gulls that spent the vast majority of the breeding season in a small polynya off the southern point of Nasaruvaalik Island.
The only wintering site known was discovered in the 1990's and is located in a persistently-formed polynya in the Bering Sea south of St.
A recurring polynya, or area of open water, persists along the southern coast of Baffin Island throughout the winter (CIS, 2011).