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cause (a compound) to polymerize

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F-actin, under either polymerizing or non-polymerizing conditions, and stabilized by TRITC-phalloidin (10 nM), was visualized by fluorescence microscopy in the presence of 20 [[micro]molar] unpolymerized vimentin.
A rubber composition comprising: (A) a conjugated diene rubber which is obtained by polymerizing a conjugated diene compound or polymerizing a conjugated diene compound and an aromatic vinyl compound and has a group having an active hydrogen and a group capable of chemically binding to a silica, (B) a silica, (C) a silane coupling agent (1) capable of reacting with a carbon-carbon double bond of the conjugated diene in the conjugated diene rubber, and (D) a silane coupling agent (II) capable of reacting with the group having an active hydrogen; a method for producing a rubber composition, which comprises mixing the above-mentioned composition; and a tire which is obtained by crosslinking and molding the rubber composition obtained by the method for production.
Cho et al have developed a printed circuit board in which an oxidant capable of polymerizing conductive polymers is selectively imprinted on a substrate along with the monomer of a conductive polymer.
Sorona PTT is made by polymerizing Bio-PDO with either terephthalic acid or dimethyl terephthalate.
When an actively polymerizing strand electrically contacts a nonconductive strand, the nonconductive strand switches into its conductive state in the region close to the connection.
These include volatile sulfur and phosphorous compounds (especially H2S and SO2), corrosive substances (HCl, NO2, Cl2), polymerizing substances, organometallic compounds (e.
Key statement: This invention relates to a method for producing a modified conjugated diene rubber wherein the method involves: (a) a step in which a conjugated diene polymer having an alkali metal or alkaline earth metal active end and obtained by polymerizing a conjugated diene compound or by polymerizing a conjugated diene compound with an aromatic vinyl compound is reacted with a first alkoxysilane compound which has an alkoxysilyl group having two or more alkoxy groups and has a group protected by a protecting group wherein deprotection is possible to obtain a modified conjugated-diene polymer having an alkoxysilyl group; and (b) a step in which the modified conjugated-diene polymer is reacted with a second alkoxysilane compound which has an alkoxysilyl group.
Valspar Sourcing has received a patent for a method for finishing a veneer surface of a veneered wood product comprised of applying to the veneer surface and UV curing a plurality of coating layers, which method comprises the steps of applying and cationically polymerizing at least one subsurface layer comprising a UV curable cationically polymerizable moiety and applying and free radically polymerizing an outermost layer comprised of a free radically polymerizable moiety, wherein a coating layer nearest the veneer surface comprises a cationically polymerized moiety or moiety polymerized via cationic and free radical cure mechanisms, and wherein the finished veneer surface exhibits less veneer checking than a veneer finished only with free radically polymerized coating layers.
This will be done by functionalizing the nanotube and polymerizing engineering resins like PPS, PPO, and PEEK directly on it," says William Diecks, a marketing manager at Chevron Phillips Chemical Co.
To do this required calculating, through computer modeling, the precise combination of processing characteristics--such as polymerizing temperature and ratio of catalyst to monomer--that would minimize unused monomer, Tunc says.
CBT 200 resin is formulated for various casting, low pressure moulding, coatings and composite applications where the lower melt temperature allows for longer working time than CBT 100 resin before polymerizing into the engineering thermoplastic PBT.
Key statement: A method for producing a conjugated diene polymer is provided that includes a step of polymerizing a conjugated diene-containing monomer in a hydrocarbon solvent in the presence of an alkali metal catalyst, thus giving a polymer having a catalyst-derived alkali metal at one terminus of a polymer chain comprising a conjugated diene-based monomer unit, and a step of reacting the polymer obtained in the step of polymerizing and a trialkoxysilane compound represented by the formula:
Gharda currently operates a 120,000-lb/yr semi-works plant in Panoli, Gujarat, for polymerizing its version of PEEK.
As proven in the development of tubulin polymerizing agents, determination of the optimal dosing regimen is critical in the efficient development of drug candidates in this class.
1 to 10% weight based on the non-volatile content of the coating composition, of an additive comprising a polyamide and polymerizing the composition with radiation.