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a naturally occurring or synthetic compound consisting of large molecules made up of a linked series of repeated simple monomers

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FKuR Inaugurates New Polymer Compounding Line II-48
The researchers had previously demonstrated that a paint made of the polymer chains kills bacteria by punching holes in their cell membranes.
Polymers in Electronics 2007 Conference, an international event planned by Rapra Technology, will be held January 30-31 in Munich, Germany.
Also used as compatibilizers in various polymer alloys including polyolefins.
First, when compared at the same polymer contents, wet-end and surface treatment gave similar strength improvements.
The thermodynamics of secondary reactions explains many known characteristics of polymer MALDI, and provide opportunities for further development.
As the second Chinese company to select Pavilion's solutions, the SECCO project represents the first large-scale deployment of Pavilion's Polymer Solution in China, and underscores Pavilion's commitment to delivering model predictive control (MPC) technology to Chinese manufacturers.
Knowledge on current technical and market trends, including general market drivers for improvement in the healthcare sector, polymer production, and evaluation for clinical approval.
The 50th anniversary of our doctoral program is indeed another milestone in our history; we are looking forward to an enjoyable and memorable celebration in the finest tradition of our polymer programs," said Dr.
In the new work, scientists often add extra molecules into their polymer mix.
com/reports/c47346) has announced the addition of Medical Polymers 2006 to their offering.
Session 5 on Textiles in Medical Devices will include the following presentations: "Medical textiles for tissue engineering," Marvi Sri Harwoko, Florent Budillon and Dilibaier Aibibu, Institut fur Textiltechnik der RWTH, Germany; and "Medical applications of polymer textile fibers," Robert Mather, Mather Technology Solutions and Heriot-Watt University, U.
During a fire, plastic melts as the polymer chains within it break down.
The book series thus intends to bridge the gap between introductory textbooks and the highly specialized texts and monographs that cover only part of polymer science and technology.
Polymer structures can also now substitute for cartilage or enable doctors to grow a patient's tissue for transplants.