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a person of great and varied learning

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Alina Payne's own essay shows examples of closely written and illustrated pages of the notebooks of her subject, the Sienese mathematician, medic, architect, and philologist Teofilo Gallaccini, in which his polymathic mind is witnessed in sketched analogues between the eye and the movement of celestial bodies, the spine and the structure of boats, human anatomy, and the mechanics of pulleys.
His inheritance of intellectual precision was complemented by the influence of his polymathic Anglesey relation, Lewis Morris (1701-65), whose circle pioneered a Welsh cultural renaissance.
While accomplished artists often excel in one medium--or perhaps two or three, in some cases--Alejandro Jodorowsky boasts a polymathic career that includes groundbreaking films, dozens of novels and philosophical treatises, scores of theater plays, several comic books series, and an original brand of spiritual therapy called "psychomagic.
Any editor of Traherne is faced with the particular challenge of, on the one hand, preserving his characteristic sense of instinctive spirituality--his apparently intuitive methods of comprehension--and, on the other, justly acknowledging the evidence in his writings of his great, yet often subtle and all too frequently unmentioned, achievements as a theologian, philosopher and polymathic scholar.
What we really need to nurture in our businesses is the desire to be polymathic.
Its leader, Astro Teller, whose business card reads "Captain of Moonshots,'' is a polymathic computer scientist who moonlights as a novelist and used to manage a hedge fund.
Taken on its own terms, The Human Age is a dazzling achievement: immensely readable, lively, polymathic, audacious.
In his Harvard Business Review blog, tech guru Kyle Wiens offers biomimicry as an example of how a polymathic approach leads to innovative solutions: "Biomimetics requires practitioners to be more than engineers, more than biologists, more than ecologists, more than designers, and more than inventors.
Marjorie Senechal is professor emerita of mathematics at Smith College where, as a new faculty member in 1968, she began collaboration with the polymathic Dorothy Wrinch.
45) One of the great polymathic minds of his era, AN I-Fadl was a passionate devotee of all of the branches of Greek sciences, from philosophy, science, astronomy, and medicine to the mechanics of siege engines, and had attained notoriety for his knowledge of them; (46) under his patronage Rayy reached its zenith as a center of study in many of these fields.
In traversing these waters, what gradually reveals itself is the seemingly polymathic ability possessed by Adorno.
Among his polymathic pursuits, Benjamin Franklin was a paper merchant in the American colonies.
The cento, a poem made up of quotations from other authors, is often relegated to the status of a learning exercise or polymathic crossword puzzle.
So too does Said often speak of Lukacs in an affiliative register, praising his antinomian boldness, strength in opposition, and deep unease with his time, fighting unfashionable battles in much the way that Vico had on the southern periphery of Europe, addressing a Zeitgeist drawn to the pretensions of "science" in frankly political language mediated by a polymathic intelligence in a literary idiom, and with the same generalist appetites.
Despite all the talk about the Internet providing "endless information at our fingertips," there remain very few truly polymathic thinkers.