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a person of great and varied learning

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I mean "overwriter" in the best possible sense: The National Magazine Award-winning critic's style is compulsively, exhaustingly inventive, loaded with Homeric epithets, ellipses, polymathic allusions, improbable similes, imagery so idiosyncratic you may wonder who--other than author--understands what it means, and a habit of pastiche that leads to what may be a newly invented form: prose doggerel.
A careful reader, analyst, and conveyor of this body of research, and an admirer of its revelations and the ingenuity of those who have made them, Le Fanu is also possessed of something even rarer than a gift for luminous explication of scientific complexity: he has what the great polymathic thinker Blaise Pascal called "l'esprit de finesse," or a philosophical mind.
He was chairman of the Academy for Polymathic Study at the University of Southern California, where he lectured on architecture, economics and law.
The following example demonstrates the increasingly polymathic nature of research and was the catalyst that led to my proposition to develop the symposium, and the ongoing threads of the event itself.
Carpenter's polymathic approach added more weight than insight to his 800-page tome.
Our independent lab, Polymathic Analytical Lab, is ISO 17025 certified and equipped with the most advanced analytical equipment.
One might wonder what the polymathic Macaulay did when not reading or writing.
4 /PRNewswire/ -- Polymathic Analytical Labs, a Zeus company, announces that William J.
The first section of Kedging, "Post-Anecdotal," includes a number of farewells to Matthias's friends and fellow-workers in the field of letters, including the translator Anthony Kerrigan and the polymathic Guy Davenport.
For his friends and students, it is probably the memory of the man himself, with his magisterial authority, polymathic knowledge, unswerving principle, compassion, generosity and conviviality.
In a closing resolution, also transmitted to the university registrar, they requested that the honours course in Modern Languages be "relieved of the Honor work in History and Ethnology" which had accrued to it in the curricular organization of 1876 (and which reflected, as much as anything, the conjoint skills of the polymathic Daniel Wilson).
But what about archaeology, which has a polymorphic funding base and likes to address a polymathic public?
These are questions that resonate throughout the work of Peter Ackroyd, a contemporary Englishman whose polymathic range of achievement elicits superlatives one would have thought only appropriate for the regretfully departed.
And few, if any, bring to this range war the polymathic breadth or philosophical sophistication of Tufts' Daniel Dennett.
The genial and pragmatic editor, the able advocate and jurist, the polymathic author of over 200 essays for the Edinburgh Review--eventually, after retiring from the Review, Dean of the Scottish Faculty of Advocates and then Lord Advocate of Scotland in the British House of Commons--Jeffrey receives more of Morris' attention than does any other individual.