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a person of great and varied learning

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In presenting the award, activist Todd Stiefel (Stiefel Freethought Foundation) referred to Graffin as a polymath and fondly recalled slam dancing with his kids backstage at the Reason Rally during Bad Religion's performance.
In imagining the real life of this brilliant, lesbian polymath known for her chilling supernatural stories, author Melissa Pritchard creates a multilayered tale in which the dead writer inhabits the heart and mind of her lonely, modern-day biographer.
Building Tomorrow's Leaders Today: On Becoming a Polymath Leader
Chinese polymath Zhang Heng invented an instrument to detect seismic activity in 192 AD, far long before others were developed in Europe in the 1700s.
RABINDRANATH TAGOREwas a polymath, an idol and undoubtedly the most famous member of the Tagore family.
ITV's new version of this 1980s classic appeared the same weekend its original presenter, legendary media polymath Sir David Frost, died.
Reading the first book penned by Church, a Harvard biologist and polymath, is like falling down a rabbit hole straight into his fermenting brain.
Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee tweeted: "Andrew Marr, renaissance man, polymath, wise commentator, painter, runner, brilliant cook - and ace editor.
Seattle's most infamous bipolar polymath delivers a continuous stream of fireballs covering life in the Emerald City as a programmer, father, and indie musician going for his 15 minutes of fame with every ounce of his being.
Damon Albarn & Africa Express @ University Student's Union, Cardiff (September 6) * ARTY indie music polymath he might be, but Damon Albarn's love of African music has long been one of his main driving forces.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749--1832) was a German writer, pictorial artist, biologist, theoretical physicist, and polymath.
The Polymath Project is a good example of how research takes place in this new era of networked science.
25 Newmarket A Persian polymath - philosopher, mathematician, astronomer and poet.
Jonathan Miller Many people have described Jonathan Miller as a polymath or Renaissance Man - labels he dislikes.
Summary: Nathan Myhrvold on modernist cuisine: the polymath's polymath on his epic cookbook, patent-licensing and the law, and why he's getting into nuclear power