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mossambicus from the clean site showed normal histology, whereas both polluted sites (CH and SK) showed that 20 % of livers had no abnormalities as characterized mostly by a homogeneous parenchyma that was composed of polyhedric
Surface cells rounded, pigmented, 15-25 [micro]m in diam., polyhedric in surface view.
Among other things, he claimed to have found in Australia (at Koonalda Cave and the Keilor Terrace) Gravettian-like knives, polyhedric burins, Mousterian-type side-scrapers, and small laurel-leaf bifaces (Blattspitzen).
In any case, we must confront the polyhedric nature of the text and the heroes' bodies, the way an illusion turns into another, and how this wavering effect necessarily affects ourselves as it affects our perception of the 'reality' we inhabit.
Characterizing him as a polyhedric writer, Trubiano (Italian, Montclair State U.) analyzes Flaiano's (1910-72) writing in widely varying genres.