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Synonyms for polyglot

a person who speaks more than one language

having a command of or composed in many languages

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It's the act of writing by electronic reference--the emergence of hypertext--that makes blogging such a compelling form in the post-postmodern era, when the deferral of signification has long since proven endless, authority has long since been decentered, voice has long since registered as polyglottal.
Bill Frisell, the once and future exponent of pan-American music--a library unto himself, again tackles a genre yet unexplored in his oeuvre with a set of compositions based on afro-funk and urban soul, turned on their ears, spun wildly, and fed back through the polyglottal vocabulary of his guitar.
POLYANDROUS no Andrews singing sis POLYGRAPHIC a birdy tattle-tale POLYSYLLABIC see Polyglottal POLYGRANTA a fondness for pomegranate seeds POLYALCOHOL booze for birds POLYCENTRIC a parrot turns into a penny POLYGON she flew away POLYGLOTTAL swears in many tongues POLYPHONOUS a birdy phone phreak POLYUNSATURATED never goes out in the rain POLYMORPHOUS a sleepy one, or shape shitter POLYCARBONATE the parrot ate the carbon copy POLYGENE cowboy singer Autry's parrot POLYNOMIAL she didn't get any food
If we don't valorize the languages of immigration and the polyglottal wonders that can result from idiomatic mix, who will?
8) Sin Sierra Leone, West Africa, for instance, there are well over sixteen different ethnic groups with languages spoken all over the country, mostly by polyglottal residents.