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30,31] Although this approach had proven extremely successful in identifying rare genetic variants of strong effects for single-gene disorders such as maturity onset diabetes of the young (MODY)[32], but proved limited in unveiling common genetic variants that underlie polygenic diseases.
The explanation formulated here is that polygenic disease and growth regulation are not linear processes and cannot therefore be fully analyzed by a linear logic.
The genome of the cloned animal will have more harmful mutations than the parent, and Morris said this "will lead to an increased chance of impaired development, impaired function, and polygenic disease.
The discovery of this new genetic basis for obesity is very exciting because it will add a new line of inquiry to our exploration of this complex, polygenic disease.
We have proved for the first time that type I diabetes is a polygenic disease," says John A.
Taken together, the findings of higher expression of SLA and LST1 genes in NTD samples highlights the immunological aspect of this polygenic disease.
Because asthma is a polygenic disease with important interactions with environmental exposures, it is necessary to think in a less reductionistic manner and to emphasize interaction and communication between epidemiologists, clinicians, and basic scientists.
18) As with other polygenic diseases, genetic studies based on the genome analysis of the patients, including linkage and association studies have been conducted and many genes/loci for OPLL susceptibility have been reported, mostly from Japan.
Mitofusin 2 may provide a specific target for the development of drugs that could hold back a disease that affects millions of people worldwide", explains the head of the study, Antonio Zorzano, full professor of the University of Barcelona, coordinator of the Molecular Medicine Programme at IRB Barcelona, and head of the Heterogenic and Polygenic Diseases lab at the same centre.
But the number of polygenic diseases for which one can actually find all the responsible genes has not increased significantly, because there are complex interactions between the human genome and also the environment.
Such analyses will be even more important in identifying genes that contribute to polygenic diseases such as adult onset diabetes, atherosclerosis, manic-depressive illness, various forms of cancer, and schizophrenia.
The prospect of routine genetic diagnostics for a wide variety of diseases ranging from rare monogenetic afflictions (for example, Tay-Sachs) to common polygenic diseases (for example, many cancers) have attracted the attention of commercial testing laboratories and venture capitalists.
Jacob thinks rats will be especially useful for studying polygenic diseases, those linked to more than one gene, because most well-studied mice strains develop diseases caused by a mutation in a single gene.
Sequenom is committed to reinforcing its leadership in the noninvasive prenatal arena with innovative, proprietary technologies for chromosomal disorders, and monogenic, polygenic diseases using discrete and whole genome approaches," said Harry Stylli, Ph.