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having more than one spouse at a time

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Hussain Lootah, an Emirati lawyer, author and poet, defied all odds when he chose to publish his semi-autobiographical book, Between Two Wives, that tells of his experience with polygamy.
Summary: New Delhi [India] March 5 (ANI): A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed on Monday in the Supreme Court demanding to declare Nikah Halala and polygamy as 'unconstitutional'.
com/sister-wives-supreme-court-denies-polygamy-case-exclusive-video/) The Wrap ) for the next Season 8 episode, Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn all gather to discuss how the Supreme Court opted not to hear their case to decriminalize polygamy.
Rev Vincent Mulwa of Christ Pilgrim Restoration Centre says Africans bought the world views of European missionaries who brought Christianity into Africa and abandoned polygamy, a practice that was rife even among the people who lived during biblical times.
76 per cent, the question of polygamy does not arise at all yet Dr.
MP Aida Kasymaliyeva (SDPK) asked the Kyrgyz government's reaction to the statement made by ex-mufti of Kyrgyzstan Chubak Jalilov supporting polygamy.
com describes itself as a "Muslim polygamy matchmaking service" for "practising Muslims who are seeking marriage and accept polygamy as a lifestyle".
When they go to regular dating sites, they don't see options for polygamy.
When a hashtag about polygamy trends in ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia, you might expect to see the traditionalists dominate the debate.
Polygamy is a marriage system that is rooted in tradition and transmitted from one generation to the next (Gumani & Sodi, 2009).
While technically illegal in most cases, polygamy is both widespread in the Bedouin Arab community and largely overlooked by authorities.
Elder Northfield's Home or, Sacrificed on the Mormon Altar: A Story of the Blighting Curse of Polygamy, A.
Instead of trying to force her life into the pigeonhole of monogamy introduced to her culture through colonization, Rami decides to return to the cultural practice of polygamy as a way to legitimate all the women in Tony's life--and to shame him.
Polygamy and the Rise and Demise of the Aztec Empire
Azaid Chaiwala, who made global headlines after The Mercury exclusively revealed his plan to make a mint out of polygamy, says the staggering results prove society is tired of the traditional marriage set-up.