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Synonyms for polygamous

having more than one mate at a time


having several forms of gametoecia on the same plant

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In the decades following Lim, Canadian courts have shown a willingness to afford polygamously married immigrant women the benefits of divorce.
For example, while some women continue to marry polygamously, others insist on remaining their husband's sole spouse.
Women earn a living by being sex-workers, or need to marry men, including polygamously, for protection.
By marrying its assertive DIY philosophy, polygamously, with political commitment and intellectual rigorousness, defunkt has achieved a high reputation for interpretive savvy--whether in peopling the skewed, fruited plains of Wellman's America or uncovering the bleak beauty in Sarah Kane's Jacobean landscapes.
Indeed, he married, polygamously, three 'barbarians'--the daughter of a Sogdian warlord and two Persian royal women--and encouraged his closest companions to take foreign wives too.
It is also not clear, from the text or history, whether the individual enjoys the "liberty" to marry polygamously, in the face of laws and even state constitutions forbidding it, or the "liberty" to engage in adultery, fornication or adult incest free of laws criminalizing such conduct.