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Canada's current prohibition against polygamy in section 293 of the Criminal Code (2) was initially prompted by the fear that Mormons continued to marry polygamously after emigrating from the United States, where this practice had been recently banned.
Talk to many of the children hawking sweets and other wares on the streets of Africa, and you will be surprised to discover that in a lot of cases, their fathers stopped being responsible for them the minute they married new wives, either polygamously or after a failed relationship with their mothers, why should this be the case?
Women earn a living by being sex-workers, or need to marry men, including polygamously, for protection.
It is also not clear, from the text or history, whether the individual enjoys the "liberty" to marry polygamously, in the face of laws and even state constitutions forbidding it, or the "liberty" to engage in adultery, fornication or adult incest free of laws criminalizing such conduct.
Clearly, not only an acceptance of polygamy but also a belief in male entitlement has induced large numbers of men and women in South Africa to condone an important older man, a paterfamilias, married polygamously to several women, in his laying claim to the body of a young woman who happened to be staying in his house.