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any of numerous synthetic resins

a complex ester used for making fibers or resins or plastics or as a plasticizer

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any of a large class of synthetic fabrics

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Caption: Vista 7, 3: No Refuge, No Recourse, 2017 Nail polish, acrylic paint, resin, reflective paper, textured paper, polyester mesh, construction foam, molded plastic forms and synthetic paper
Reese Phifer, is a family-owned manufacturer of woven wire, fiberglass and polyester mesh for insect and solar screening, sling and cushion furniture fabrics, drawn metal wire and engineered products used in a range of industrial applications.
Thus, the obtained results allow us to make a reasoned conclusion that the use of polyester mesh, UP mesh and peritoneum-fascial flap for implants entails activation of LPO processes in animals.
The polyester mesh fabric wrapping adds significant strength to the silicone material, and the spiraled 316 stainless steel reinforcing wire enables the finished hose to resist crushing, kinking and ultimately flow restriction.
After adequate dissection of the preperitoneal space and reduction of the hernia sac, a 15cm X 15cm polyester mesh was used to broadly cover the direct, indirect and femoral spaces.
When Hartmann's reversal was performed, the edges of abdominal wall in which the colostomy had been placed were not suturable, so we placed polyester mesh on the stomal area.
The cone-shaped polyester mesh is placed under the skin of the breast and attached with stitches to a layer of fat above the breast tissue.
The filtration device utilizes a 266-[micro] polyester mesh and a cone-shaped opening to maximize the filtration areas.
The "Swell/1966 Seating" collection by Richard Schultz Design is made of a cast and extruded aluminum frame finished in a weather-resistant polyester powder coat with woven vinyl-coated polyester mesh upholstery.
uk, 0871 855 2201) have two options - one is a mesh door fly screen, which is a pack of washable polyester mesh measuring 86.
2) Cabela's Classic Bug Suit, made of lightweight, 100% polyester mesh, protects you from skeeters and biting flies.
is a polyester mesh wrap that is implanted around both ventricles of the heart to stop cardiac enlargement caused by heart failure.
The patented AFD is a polyester mesh cone with a factory set or field adjustable hemmed drawstring aperture for air balancing all models of DuctSox fabric air dispersion models.