polyester fiber

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a quick-drying resilient synthetic fiber consisting primarily of polyester

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Demand for polyester fibers from end-user industries, such as home textiles, apparels and other technical textiles, is increasing at a rapid rate.
All of those bottles eventually produce some 145 million pounds of carpet and 20 million pounds of fiberfill, accounting for 85 percent of all the polyester fiber produced domestically by Mohawk Industries.
We do buy polyester fiber and to the extent that we are buying, we will see price increases.
Pioneered by Procter & Gamble in the 1980s with its Attends line, newer polyester fibers and gels used in these products are offering increased absorption and next-to-the-skin dryness.
Polyester fibers can be classified as staple fibers and bulk continuous fibers (BCF) depending on their length.
The plant will consume old clothes and offcuts from local garment factories and generate an estimated 20,000 tons of polyester fiber annually with sales of 10 billion yen ($121.
The first phase is to build viscose fiber and polyester fiber factory.
In Europe and the Americas, PET bottle resin is said to have significantly increased market share and now exceeds demand for polyester fiber.
announced Tuesday it will spin off its clothing-use polyester fiber division as a separate company and increase overseas production as part of efforts to compete with strong foreign rivals.
NEW YORK-Despite recent market indications that led the major polyester fiber producers to propose price increases while slashing jobs, it's unclear how the home textiles market will be affected.
Poole Company, a leading manufacturer and distributor of textile fibers and specialist in virgin polyester fibers, recycled fibers, heavy denier, and nonwovens fibers, announced today that it is manufacturing a new engineered co-polymer polyester fiber marketed under the name ComFortrel by Poole.
Key Topics Covered: Chapter 1: Preface Chapter 2: Executive Summary Chapter 3: Polyester Fiber - Industry Analysis Chapter 4: Polyester Fiber Market - Product Segment Analysis Chapter 5: Polyester Fiber Market - Application Analysis Chapter 6: Polyester Fiber Market - Regional Analysis Chapter 7: Company Profiles Companies Mentioned:
Tokyo, Jan 23, 2012 - (JCN) - Teijin Fibers Limited, the core company of the Teijin Group's polyester fibers business, has decided to commercialize a new version of its Nanofront high-strength polyester nanofiber with a diameter of 400 nanometers, or 22,500 times smaller than the cross-sectional area of a strand of hair, an unprecedented achievement for a commercial polyester fiber.
The abolition of the quota system will also provide an opportunity for the country to boost its exports of polyester fiber in the market of which the country hopes to be more competitive.
polyester fiber producers has filed an anti-dumping petition with the U.