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having more than one husband at a time

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"Fraternal Polyandry and Fertility in a High Himalayan Valley in Northwest Nepal." Human Ecology, 4, no.
They found that the frequency of polyandry (mating with more than one male) varied significantly among the four species.
In situations where a helper male was present but relatedness with the breeding male was unclear, polyandry was the suggested cause for altruism (Laskey, 1947).
The marriage, however, will only be valid under the Kenyan laws if the participants could prove that Polyandry is a customary practice.
color polymorphism, grasshoppers, microsatellites, multiple paternity, offspring diversity, Orthoptera, polyandry, relatedness, Tetrix subulata
If love is the foundation, polygamy, polyandry and other "marriage" arrangements cannot be denied.
Gallagher rightly eschews discussing such aberrations as same-sex "marriage," although he does discuss polygamy and even polyandry. His principal concern, however, is with the growth in virtue and awareness that is available to men and women who enter into a relationship honoured by both natural law and revealed religion.
While advocates of polygamy argued this would be an act of cultural nationalism, Tanzanian women mocked the proposed laws as opposed to modernity and even called for state recognition of polyandry.
Newton and Mattila believe the work has clear implications not only for how colonies are managed worldwide but also for the evolutionary advantages that polyandry (mating with multiple males) holds for eusocial honey bees.
(36) This cause judged by the European Court was qualified by the French doctrine as "an appeal to procreative (reproductive) polyandry," (37) but not before the European Court House had been named by the same article "the European Court of Male Rights." (38)
But a week later, the young woman at the center of the clashes, Abeer Talaat Fakhry, was arrested and charged with polyandry.
So far, an excess of males has led to lawbreaking--in China, researchers have found that a one percent increase in the male-to-female sex ratio at birth produces at least a five percent increase in crime--as well as sex trafficking of women, forced marriages, polyandry, and legions of potentially restive mateless men.
In order to evaluate the effects of polyandry and polygyny in the reproductive performance of this species, newly-emerged adults were submitted to either of two treatments: monogamous couples together until death or males and females receiving virgin partners one or three days old every day until death.
Polyandry has been fairly rare, practiced primarily in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, Tibet, India, and Bhutan.
She asked Lakes state lawmakers why they had created this law but not established laws against polygamy, polyandry and the marriage of underage girls to older men, which see said was present in the community.