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Synonyms for polliwog

a larval frog or toad

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"He is the strongest swimmer of all our little polliwogs. Someday he will grow to be a mighty frog."
Frog, "I thought we would be seeing legs on our little polliwogs by now."
Soon the other polliwogs began to tire of polliwog games.
The other polliwogs moved to the edge of the pond and joined their parents in nightly croaking.
At long last, with the rest of the family now gathered on the creek bank shouting instructions and, occasionally, encouragement, I finally made a lucky pass that brought up a total of eight polliwogs, and we headed back to the car.
Now nothing more than a straight shot home, hoping to keep our polliwogs still wogging by the time we arrive, right?
My excuse that I was trying to reach home with polliwogs still alive in a hubcap does sound a bit weak, now that I think about it.
After carrying them in, I discovered that only one polliwog had made it safely to its new home among the dishes in the kitchen sink.
Why polliwogs? Whence this recent consensus that the long-distance Other is, to quote Dean, a "hairless, chalky-colored creature with large black eyes," looking like a froggy preborn fetus?
Frog, "Shouldn't we be seeing legs on our little polliwogs?"
The other polliwogs moved to the edge of the pond and began to join their father and mother in nightly croaking.
It took us an hour to arrive at an exit with a service station that provided water without polliwogs and a bottle of jasmine air freshener so we again could ride with the windows closed.
From the smallest inchworm and polliwogs to anteaters and kangaroos, Pamela Zagarenski's fun drawings bring the animal world to life.
A mom who thinks that puppy dogs And polliwogs are nice?
Young children love to play with sounds and rhyming words and this book offers just such opportunities as it works through a number rhyme as each polliwog turns into a frog.