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a temporary booth in a polling place which people enter to cast their votes

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Meanwhile, assistant election commissioner of Bajaur tribal district Pervez Iqbal on Tuesday acknowledged that polling booths for women at polling stations were not sufficient in the region on the election day.
In a separate incident, four people were injured in polling booths at Ketugram constituency in Burdwan district.
In all four groups, the proportion of respondents who acknowledged having engaged in various risky sexual behaviors was generally greater in the polling booth group than in the face-to-face interview group.
voting near the polling booth. The hotline 080 080 804 has received a signal saying that the stamp ink in the passports evaporated 2 hours
A number of statistical modelling tools have been used to analyse the relationships between the spatial variations in the level of voter support for political parties across polling booths and the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of populations living in polling booth catchments.
"We will also be carrying out an urgent investigation into how this poster was displayed in this particular polling booth.
As per the directions of EC, a polling booth in Bhattakufer town of Shimla was managed by 12 differently-abled officials.
Summary: 111-year old Bachan Singh went to the polling booth in a wheelchair
Even many family members of Mehbooba Mufti did not turn up at the polling booth to cast their vote.
In Karachi, 698 polling stations and 2 thousand 790 polling booths of Karachi East, 237 polling stations and one thousand 359 polling booths of Karachi West, 223 polling stations and 892 polling booth of Karachi South and 244 polling stations and 936 polling booths of Karachi Central have been declared as very sensitive.
In a bid to facilitate a maximum number of postal voters and to simplify the postal ballot process, the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) is coming up with postal ballot polling booth and mobile polling booth for the first time in the upcoming National Council elections this year.
THE UP Police on Monday lodged an FIR against Congress candidate Ajai Rai on the Election Commission's directive after he went to the polling booth, wearing the party symbol on his kurta in Varanasi.
Police had to resort to shooting in the air to dispel the unruly crowd at the polling booth of Ramireddy Palem.
The authors used Australian Electoral Commission data on voting at the polling booth level and socio-economic data on the areas surrounding each booth taken from the 2001 census.
Eleven people were killed in polling booth battles or in attacks by factions intending to disrupt the electoral process.