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fertilize by transfering pollen

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Providing habitat for insects that pollinate trees, plants and shrubs is an emerging priority for public and private land managers.
Pollinate Energy launched in late 2012, working with local Bangalore communities to introduce clean, renewable energy products into Indian slums while equipping micro-entrepreneurs, or Pollinators , with the skills needed to build their own businesses and climb out of poverty.
We couldn't be more excited about working with Pollinate to develop the next great app that helps everyday cooks solve the daily mealtime dilemma.
The following year, some of the new generation of bees that developed from those eggs would be brought to commercial almond orchards to pollinate the trees' cream-white blooms.
Many growers rent honeybees from commercial bee-keepers who truck their hives from place to place to pollinate different crops.
It is common practice for producers to rent bee colonies to pollinate crops, and price quotes have risen as a result of the disease with some California growers paying up to $150 per colony.
Commercial beekeepers rent their hives to farmers, who rely on the bees to pollinate some 100 commercial crops in North America.
Keeley is a retired civil engineer who keeps bees to pollinate his orchards: cherries, apples, peaches, plums and chestnuts.
In the Brazilian Rainforest, Jessica meets entomologist Rick Kincaid who is studying the moths that pollinate her orchid.
They help pollinate (fertilize) the flowers, which in turn produce seeds for more stinky plants.
Exactly when a plant starts to pollinate seems to depend on the relative length of night and day-and therefore on geographical location--rather than on the weather.
In Southern California, acacia, cottonwood, oak, olive, maple, walnut, mulberry sycamore, mesquite and willow trees pollinate from mid January through June.
Honey bees play a vital role in the food chain and pollinate a whopping one third of the foods we eat.
But when they're extinct, what, or who, will pollinate the plants, flowers and crops across the world?
It could cost British farmers about PS2bn a year to manually pollinate crops by hand and that would hike food prices.