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Among- and within-flower comparisons of pollen tube growth following self and cross pollinations in Dianthus chinensis L.
Correlation between speed of pollen tube growth and seedling height in Zea mays L.
Pollen tubes travel down the flower to fertilize the plant's egg.
Finally, to assess the use of digital image analysis of static images of germinated pollen grains as a quantitative method for rapidly assessing pollen germination characteristics such as pollen tube area.
Severe sterile, very low viability and no pollen tube grew out from pollen, occurred in Ca 130-13 and GR 80-3 in Akihime and DNKW001, respectively.
Distribution of exogenous DNA in upland cotton by pollen tube pathway.
Differences in vitro pollen germination and pollen tube growth of cotton cultivars in response to high temperature.
2003), gametophytic locus acts in certain genotypic combinations, enabling the development of the pollen tube and fertilization when incompatibility is expected (LEWIS, 1994).
At the time of boll formation application of recommended dose of Boron must be applied at it improves the pollen tube formation and strengthen the bolls.
Our own preliminary data indicate that mutations affecting auxin methylation facilitate pollen tube growth and confer increased reproductive capacity under higher temperatures in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana.
The germinated pollen grains were counted and the pollen tube length was measured using a binocular stereomicroscope.
Pollen was considered to have germinated if the pollen tube was twice as long as the diameter of the pollen grain (Nyomora et al.
The pollen tube enters the opening of the ovule, the micropyle, and reaches the interior of the ovule to undergo spenn release and fertilization (Endress, 1996).