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(botany) a slender tubular outgrowth from a pollen grain when deposited on the stigma for a flower

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Sucrose has a universal role in Ephedra of also providing a nutrient source for pollen germination and pollen tube growth, regardless of whether the species is insect- or wind-pollinated.
There are six phenotypic classes of pollen tube, five of them mutagen namely, balloon, wavy, branch, swollen, thin and only one is normal namely wildtype [43].
Though a number of existing teaching activities deal with in vitro pollen tube growth on medium, didactically prepared visualization of pollen tube growth in vivo is more ambitious and usually needs fixed material and advanced equipment (e.
In one aspect of this work, the scientists are investigating how such messages may help the growing pollen tube find its way to the embryo sac.
I presented a general introduction to sexual reproduction in angiosperms, including the transfer of pollen from the anther to the stigmatic surface of the pistil, the potential for pollen-stigma recognition, the germination of the pollen grain, and the resulting growth of the pollen tube.
Sometimes, unilateral incompatibility results when pollen tube growth is
Differences in in vitro Pollen Germination and Pollen Tube Growth of Cotton Cultivars in Response to High Temperature, Annals of Botany, 96: 59-67.
Gravity modulates traffic on the intracellular "highways" that ensure the growth and functionality of the male reproductive organ in plants, the pollen tube, they said.
When a pollen tube arrives at an ovule, fertilization occurs.
The drawback is this test only shows if the pollen can germinate and as microbes grow on it just as well as pollen an overall figure of the percentage germinated is not accurate as in nature pollen can take days to reach its goal and pollen tube formation is far from synchronous.
Individual pollen grains germinate by absorbing water and pushing out a pollen tube from a pore or groove in the individual pollen grain.
Example: In pine trees, the immature male gametophyte is a megaspore, the embryonic pine seed, a pollen tube or a pollen grain?
In flowering plants the pollen tube can travel a long distance leading to extended siphonogamy.
The mature pollen grain have pores (P) (fig 2 H) and as a result, the pollen tube grows in the anther (fig 2 I).
Here the pollen germinates and grows a pollen tube, which extends and is guided to the ovary, where it releases the sperm.