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the fine spores that contain male gametes and that are borne by an anther in a flowering plant

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He said that during the current month so far 1000 pollen allergy patients visited the hospital with different complications.
Airborne pollen in the house can create an indoor air quality nightmare for people with allergies.
Help manage hay fever with these tricks and tips from Allergy UK: Check the forecast Monitor pollen forecasts daily and stay indoors wherever possible when the count is high (generally on warmer, dry days).
If you start feeling irritated and runny-nosed during spring, tree pollen is probably the pollen causing the symptoms.
The pollen count in Islamabad was 12,000 cubic metres on Sunday, landing a large number of patients with eye, breathing, sneeze and cough allergies into hospitals in the last three days.
Allergy-related searches peaked alongside measurements taken at two nearby pollen counting stations for ragweed, oak and pine pollen, Parker said January 7.
Furthermore, bio-effects of Date palm pollen extract were studied by a lot of researchers, according to Faleh and Sawad [12] Date palm pollen grains extract leads to high stimulation in fertilization in male rabbits, produce sperm and increase its numbers, Bahmanpour et al.
Current legislation did not state explicitly whether pollen in honey is a constituent or an ingredient.
Nobody's talking about this yet but, based on the way the climate has been behaving, we're likely to experience a second pollen vortex when the grass pollen and the ragweed pollen begin to overlap, starting late July and August," says Joan Lehach, an integrative medicine physician specializing in allergy, asthma, and clinical immunology at Montefiore Medical Center, New York.
Earlier the most abundant pollen of Brassica napus and Salix caprea were identified in the honey from Central Lithuania (Ceksteryte, 2002; Baltrusaityte et al.
Damage to bee pollen stored at 10% RH was found in samples collected in Sergipe State, Brazil.
THE hay fever season has just started and rising pollen levels throughout the coming summer months will lead to misery for around 15 million people in the UK.
But the downside is that the trees, flowers and grass are producing pollen, a plant's male reproductive cells, which cause allergies for many people.
HAY fever sufferers are braced for misery with late spring and early summer's highest pollen levels in half a century.