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United States filmmaker (born in 1934)

lean white flesh of North Atlantic fish

important food and game fish of northern seas (especially the northern Atlantic)

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When KWMU, the public radio station, recently decided to end its movie and theater criticisms and its food commentaries it meant that fans of Joe Pollack and his wife Ann Lemons Pollack would have to go to their blog site to get their views on local cultural matters.
Joe Pollack, a longtime critic who retired from the Post-Dispatch, had been doing movie and theater criticism for KWMU (90.7 FM) for 20 years.
Bear Hill Interiors Inc., led by Bryan Pitts and Kevin Walsh, acquired the 1414 Rebsamen Park Road property from Mark and Patricia Pollack. The deal is funded with a five-year loan of $225,000 from BancorpSouth Bank of Tupelo, Miss.
Author Neal Pollack has turned his attention to the world of rock 'n' roll and the music press in his latest satirical novel 'Never Mind the Pollacks'.
Caustic and violently paced 'Never Mind the Pollacks' is weirdly addictive, reports the Miami Herald.
ANDREW Pollack has packed up and left Broward County.
"My dear Joe has left us, far more quietly than was his usual style," said his wife, Ann Lemons Pollack, to readers of their St.