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Synonyms for polity

an organized geopolitical unit

Synonyms for polity

the form of government of a social organization


Related Words

a politically organized unit

shrewd or crafty management of public affairs

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China's Reforming Churches, a collection of reports and assessments of the current state of Protestant churches in China, argues that Reformed traditions and Presbyterian polity are increasing in Chinese churches.
He also said that he visited Sindh Assembly, where all polity gave him good credentials, over which he was really pleased; while this was his fourth visit to Karachi Press Club, whence he also espoused the close-knit relationship between journalism and politics.
Manmohan Singh on Saturday said that his political outfit would welcome like-minded and secular-minded persons to work together again to give the country's polity a thrust in favour of secular elements.
Melissa Vogel's book on the Casma polity is a very different proposition.
UNITED NATIONS -- Pakistan, Wednesday, said that a peaceful and stable Afghanistan would help Afghan people to rediscover their destiny, consolidate polity and rebuild economy.
Vijayan made it clear that his party would have nothing to do with the BJP and alleged that Advani was a prisoner of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh culture, adding that the CPM would maintain its strong opposition to the BJP, which it considered a danger to the national secular polity.
Chapter 2 presents the author's position about rights: in sum, these are elements which change within a polity, and cannot be derived from natural or transcendental characteristics of men.
The study of Puritanism in the middle of the twentieth century and thereafter turned away from polity to focus on the piety, mentality, and socio-cultural ambience of Puritans.
Other denominations that have inherited our polity have rewritten it to embrace healing and reconciliation as the primary focus.
Pakistan, May 13 -- In an environment of reconciliation and accommodation, politics and the polity can fast attain dynamism and openness to make the best use of opportunities and to meet the challenges of change and expectations and aspirations of the people.
Cultural homogenization not simply excludes and denies equal opportunity to the weak and minority nations within the polity, but indulges in culturocide, that is, systematic annihilation of their cultural identity (Oommen 1997) in the name of 'nation-building'.
Neal Asher is an English science fiction writer best known for his Polity novels.
German, a legal writer and barrister of the Middle Temple writing in the 1530s, and Richard Hooker, a theologian of the Elizabethan period who wrote Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity.
Written by Renald Iacovelli, whose other credits include writing for the politically progressive journal "Russian Roulette", The Polity of Beasts is a savage allegorical novel about the power plays of modern politics.
Susan Russell, president of Integrity, a gay support group, commended the proposal as "protecting the polity of the Episcopal Church while offering a pastoral response to those who hold a minority theological opinion.