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To be politically correct, in his argument, was to understand the new project of self-governance properly.
This politically correct world drives you up the wall - we will be shutting the door too hard soon, it will make too big a noise for somebody and that will upset.
Though disparaging the use of words such as retarded and queer as a matter of civility and seeking to replace them with others, defenders of politically correct language allege that the very notion of political correctness is a myth--an invention of the critics of the so-called "progressive" program, designed to discredit the critics' opponents without proper argument.
Many people complaint their local churches had made clumsy alterations to songbooks to suit today's politically correct age.
Unfortunately, such scientific falsehoods have been propagated and amplified by the failure of influential members of the scientific community and the medical profession, who either have had a conflict of interest to protect, or lacked the moral courage to defend those scientific truths whose expression was not regarded as politically correct.
The politically correct atmosphere on many of our nation's campuses can limit the rage of opinions offered in the classroom.
I will be able to sleep easy at night now I know my National Insurance contributions are being well spent on politically correct non-jobs, while our NHS crumbles around our ears.
This is the sort of politically correct nonsense which does nothing for the rights of gay or single parents - it just angers everybody else.
How about sugar coating the story until it falls into the politically correct category so it won't influence impressionable boys in a negative manner?
Whiteman was well ahead of his time, hiring black musicians and fiercely defending them when it was not politically correct to do so.
I am not being politically correct, but reflecting the hurt and discrimination experienced by mental health consumers and their supporters when this type of inaccurate and stigmatizing language is used in the media.
Enough with the pathological hatred of the president and the politically correct bullshit.
Now after much thought, I have found a reasonable solution, which I believe would be politically correct.
It's safe to say that Medicis, Sun Kings and owners of English country houses weren't too concerned whether the appropriation of territory--metaphorical or otherwise--was morally or politically correct.
Contributing editor Fred Goss says that it was his error in the last issue misquoting Dizzy Dean--as opposed to "a politically correct publisher or zealous grammar checker.
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