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Kingdoms of the European Middle Ages were not political units in the modern meaning of this term; there was no abstract state with professional bureaucracy and, in virtue of lack of a horizontally dispersed unified culture, there was no an unified mass-like national consciousness which presupposes an egalitarian political structure (Gellner 1983: 8-18).
Then after spending time travelling in Australia, I worked for a PR company before getting a job with BBC Wales' Political Unit - and this is where I've been for around four years now.
In July, Orthodox Patriarch Kirill I received a promise from elected leaders of the United Russia Party, the country's largest political unit, that he would be permitted to preview all legislation introduced in the Russian parliament.
Last week the Pakistani Government announced that it had taken major steps towards reforming the ISI by shutting down its political unit.
His most senior colleague culture minister Jenny Randerson accused BBC Wales' political unit of hounding Mr German when they should have been "pursuing the truth".
And the Bush administration, pursuing a plan for continental "integration," treats Mexico as if it were already part of a consolidated political unit with the United States.
Guiao said the approval of the bill is "a tribute to all of the unsung heroes of our most basic political unit.
Does this then give us a fifth century date for the emergence of Wales, and anything before that date, such as Caratacus or Boudicca, were part of the history of Britain rather than Wales, since Wales didn't exist as a political unit, or if it did, it extended halfway across what is now England, not held by the immigrant Anglo Saxons.
THE BBC Wales political unit has 40 members - paid for by the national corporation.
Johnson has worked as an investigative producer for KGO-TV News in San Francisco, and in the Washington bureau of NBC NEWS, Political Unit.
com will work in tandem with the ABC News political unit, the polling unit, reporters, correspondents, and analysts to provide unparalleled coverage of this year's political contests and issues.
It is understood the political unit at the TV network will be disbanded in a controversial move which will see coverage absorbed into the main stream.
D) nation or political unit governed by popular consent
of Kent, UK) and Pinder (formerly of the College of Europe, Belgium) present comparative case studies examining the politics of multi-national or multi-ethnic federations as a means of addressing the concerns of minorities and competing nationalities within a single political unit.