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a sphere of intense political activity

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Islamabad [Pakistan], Mar 14 ( ANI ): The brother of former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Province Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that he would never even think of taking the place of his brother in any political sphere and referred him as the "Quaid" (leader for life).
But, now under the latest amendments, the political sphere will be out of bounds to all those who have active religious roles and no religious figure who delivers sermons will be a member of a political society or engage in political activities.
They further said that the ruling Party has no history of catering to their women workers in the huge public gathering - rather it does not tolerate their presence in the political sphere.
You have the military sphere, you have the political sphere, and you have the business," Trump said.
The domestic political sphere of Georgia has acquired new problems, and very soon an impression of time trouble
The Central Bank of Cyprus staff were holding a one-hour strike on Thursday as a show of dissatisfaction over the negative climate caused by the rift between the CBC and the political sphere.
For his part, Mladenov that the United Nations has played a major role in the political sphere and the area of national reconciliation and respect of human rights after the fall of the former regime, praising the response of the political forces with the United Nations Mission.
Summary: While Lebanon suffers from a paucity of female politicians, establishing a quota is not the only way to bolster women's participation in the political sphere, say members of UNDP's Lebanese Electoral Assistance Program.
Sponsored annually in February by the Insafe/INHOPE European network, financed by the European Commission, the event focuses the attention of parents, schools, industry and the political sphere on the safety of children and young people on the web.
The book then turns to women in the political sphere and the type of modernity they see themselves as pursuing.
The UN Resident Representative praised the progress made by Yemen in the political sphere, valuing the facilities and protection provided by Yemeni security authorities to the UN's staff in the country.
Only by remaining independent can she teach the great criteria and inalienable values, guide consciences and offer a life choice that goes beyond the political sphere.
The conflation of sectarian violence and politics sets a dangerous precedent in the Pakistani context, threatening the current default mode of sanitising matters of religious difference in the political sphere.
Over the past year, the social media site Reddit has taken on an increasingly important role in the political sphere.
I see the the term Libertarian generally misapplied in the political sphere, all too often being borrowed by the most obnoxious of extremists.