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a social scientist specializing in the study of government

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He will flirt with the population, and therefore will not at all carry out the reforms that the IMF requires of him, "concluded the political scientist.
Political scientist and the deputy director of the Institute of Strategic Studies and Prognoses Nikita Danyuk said that Putin is right as the US and Russia are both nuclear powers, in case of any escalation, a global conflict could emerge.
Dalit leaders, sociologists and political scientists lashed out at him, with some even questioning his intellectual credentials.
Martin Silenus is a professional spelunker, gold prospector and political scientist.
German philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804), who did much to shape this ideal, believed that the application of universal moral law would create a world in which "our moral duties and obligations respect no national boundaries or other parochial attachments such as race, class, or ethnicity," writes Yale political scientist Steven B.
Political scientist Sefer Tahiri is convinced that at next parliamentary elections, topics related to the ethnicity will dominate again.
00--The author is a political scientist who seeks to provide sophisticated (or, in one of his favorite words, "elegant") arguments to justify public policies that are perennially suspect in the eyes of perhaps most of the citizenry.
As a political scientist, I'll stake the reputation of my profession on it.
A political scientist by profession (University of Calgary), Morton is a strong pro-lifer.
We've witnessed the final implosion of Ralph Reed," said Charles Bullock, a political scientist at the University of Georgia.
That's the $64 million question," says Ron Walters, a University of Maryland political scientist.
In this paper, we refer to the AEA sample as "economists," the APSA sample as "political scientists," the PCS-economist sample as "public choice economists," and the PCS-political scientist sample as "public choice political scientists.
If the government is disposed to change the results, it would have the tools to do so," says John Magdaleno, a political scientist with the polling firm Datanalisis in Caracas.
The books I discuss here by political scientist Benjamin Barber, sociologist Michael Mann, and psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton, along with Chomsky's and Johnson's, are just a sampling of the offerings that have hit the market on this issue over the past year.
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