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However, he added that writing a document on individual judges about their personal information, political orientation, friendships and private affairs only because they expressed criticism, was in itself a cause for grave concern as it could infringe on the independence of judges.
This is why legal rules are codified independently of the subjective intentions, ideological and political orientations of the people.
Taking into account the positions already described about the effects of MS, three alternative hypotheses might be established: 1) MS will generate greater MSE as a general tendency; and 2) MS effects will depend on the political orientation of participants: 2.
Regarding the political orientation, Kasami assesses that they are conservative and belong to the notion well-renowned as "end of ideology".
It has no About section (strange for an explanation site) that would describe its mission, editorial policy, business model, and political orientation.
Regardless of political orientation or message, no paid advocate who engages in direct communications with Texas legislators is above the disclosure laws of the state of Texas.
For each country, confidence in unions is therefore examined in light of the level of trust and the political orientation and sociodemographic characteristics of the respondents.
The book moves from a characterization of Alaskan residents' political orientation before the war, through descriptions of their economic, military, and morale contributions, to the social yield of the war.
We believe that the Russian government's support for Ukraine is tied to the current leadership and its political orientation away from the EU and toward Russia," the S&P report said.
Given that the political orientation of individual media usually coincides with that of their owners, it would seem that respect for the editorial independence of media employees is still limited," the Reporters Without Borders said.
Indeed, all of this can be agreed or disagreed upon, and is open to various points of view, whether by those who are neutral or are experts on the topic, or by those who view the matter according to their own political orientation or interests.
Cabinet formation efforts remain stalled, with the various political blocs unable to agree on the shape or political orientation of a future government.
Especially important is the contrast that Walker draws between the political orientation of middle-income peasantry, who constitute most of rural society in contemporary Thailand, and the poor peasantry that predominated in rural Thailand and elsewhere in Southeast Asia fifty or more years ago.
scenario of 2008 may be repeated, when the opposition candidate Artur Bagdasaryan changed his political orientation over a night and