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Can a parliament void of any political orientation and vision efficiently perform any of these functions?
Similarly, due to the stronger links between Canadian unions and left-wing parties versus the greater distance between unions and party dynamics in the United States, we expected that a progressive versus conservative personal political orientation would significantly contribute to explaining confidence in unions among Canadians but not among Americans (Hypothesis 3).
Second, the relationship between Americans' political orientation and their views toward the ACA is well-documented.
Given that the political orientation of individual media usually coincides with that of their owners, it would seem that respect for the editorial independence of media employees is still limited," the Reporters Without Borders said.
Indeed, all of this can be agreed or disagreed upon, and is open to various points of view, whether by those who are neutral or are experts on the topic, or by those who view the matter according to their own political orientation or interests.
The acquiescence of the deputy speaker was a political orientation of personal curiosity, Kaway added.
Cabinet formation efforts remain stalled, with the various political blocs unable to agree on the shape or political orientation of a future government.
According to the Bulgarian intellectuals, since Bulgaria's recognition of the independence of the Republic of Macedonia, the Macedonian governments, whatever their political orientation, insisted only on rights in the bilateral relations, as all responsibilities were for Sofia to carry out.
Bayati said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The current atmosphere is witnessing a clear political orientation towards the national dialogue, which its features began clear through statements and speeches in Anbar province, which was calmer.
But Stahl's general political orientation is not that different from Sorenson's.
The idea is to have a YPF that is absolutely modern, competitive, with professional people but with a political orientation aimed at achieving energy self-sufficiency once again to sustain growth, employment and economic activity," Fernandez said.
We also condemn Al-Jazeera channels policy presented in Yemen that harness the capacity of the channel in supporting the political parties that participate in the same political orientation.
He said the men were targeted for their Islamist political orientation.
In their first interview, the street artists, who still remain anonymous, have explained their actions with what they perceive as the constant swinging of Bulgaria's political orientation.
The availability of funding, a state's political orientation and a state's concentration of psychiatrists are all factors in the amount of time it takes for a state to adopt psychotropic drugs into its AIDS Drug Assistance Program formularies, according to a study in the June AJPH.